New DG Post: Something's Worked


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Deeds posted an update regarding the Istanbul clue. Seems we might have helped her?

New DG Post: Something's Worked

Deeds just posted something

She just got a new clue on the journal: “Return to the line of silver, the line of the craftsmen. Where Archemedes’ cry shines brightest through its adoring cut.”


So is it far to assume we are looking for a painting, tapestry, sculpture or book involving the clue that would give Deeds her next location?


So just throwing some things out there for us all to discuss:
Archimedes Cry is usually referred to as “Eureka” which he cried when he discovered something.
Looking at the “shines brightest through its adoring cut”, I know Archimedes built a sort of “death ray” using a mirror and the sun’s light, which was used to sink some Roman ships

There is a painting depicting this (see below)

And this painting can be found in the Uffizi Gallery in Florence.


Seems like we’re looking for some kind of object, crafted, sculpted, painted… possibly something “crafted” this time?

She seems pretty frazzled right now so maybe let’s discuss and brainstorm theories here, then have a representative send her a list of suggestions through her comments?


Good catch @Brendon, definitely something to do with “Eureka.”


There is also a diamond called Eureka, which was the first diamond found in South Africa.

The part about “shines brightest” and “cut” sounds a bit like it could be mentioning it.


Great find!! Just to add to your point, The Eureka Diamond is being kept at the Kimberley Mine Museum, which is in South Africa (Just in case we want to give this to Deirdre)


Unless we can come up with something else (which I am really struggling to do), we should probably make a point to message Deirdre at some point today with what we found. @Nahemah, do you want to do it since I believe you found the correct object the clue is referencing? Maybe give both options but stress that we believe the clue is pointing to the Eureka Diamond in South Africa?


I can write to her giving her both option (it might be better since we don’t really know what the first part of the clue means, so the painting might also be relevant together with it). Hope it might help her leave Turkey for a new destination :slight_smile:

Edit: Done!


Deeds responded to you, she will be heading out to Cape Town as soon as she can to check out the Eureka Diamond :ring: :ring: (I couldn’t find just a diamond emoji ;))


I’m glad I was able to help :slight_smile: