New DG Post: Picking Up The Thread


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Hey Mountaineers, Endri again.

Deirdre posted an absolute bombshell last night. Looks like the game is afoot. Again.

I’m terrified, giddy, and intrigued.


For people who’d like to read up on the Ackerlys and the Greens and who this is.

Of course, take it with a grain of salt. We thought Grey died in 1981.


Wow. Just wow.


So many questions…
He has so many answers.


Holy crap, all these years he’s been alive. And his location was hidden with Deirdre the entire time.

That must mean Sullivan and/or Aisling knew he was alive, right? Man, the things he must know…


Also of note, he was in apartment 717 (though ti was originally apt. 7G), the same butterfly number we’ve been seeing for a while. Most notably King Rabbit’s handle way back when (unless I’m misremembering). Not sure if it’s a clue that we’re on the right track or perhaps a warning that Grey may not be one to trust. Either way, the game is afoot!


WHAT??? This changes the game big time!


Ohhhhh exciting!!


Oh wow, this is cool. I wonder what significance this discovery will have as we move forward into Fragment 13.


Fragment 13 is the next one. 12 ended last month.


Oh my goodness. Duh. I knew that. :laughing:


That how I always feel. Like, “Wow, fragment 13 already?” :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Just when I thought I was gonna have a nice relaxing holiday this bomb shell lands! Maybe Mr Ackerly will know something about the mysterious Fletcher Dawson.


Should we ask Dedre about Fletcher?


Thats a great idea but I’m not sure on how communication works with her. I.e. is there a designated person in the Mounties that she knows/trusts to talk to. I think I would be suspicious of some random person who claims to be a Mountie asking questions.


So, we don’t necessarily have a set way of communicating with Deirdre, mostly we just all try not to overwhelm her. But anyone can comment on her blog and ask questions! :slightly_smiling_face: