New DG Post: M. Grey Ackerly


Otherwise known as The Between? Betweens are usually like door ways, windowsills, and or Midnight the inbetween hour.


So @Endri asks if we’re missing something. Are we? Let’s go through it all again then.

We have to

The Mountaineers must use the most dangerous of magiq


The Mountaineers must reach out to the past

We have a chronocompass on Fletcher’s site.

We have a chronocompass in Deidre’s hands pointing to Gossmere. (OR Thornmouth some suggest.)

We have the name Neithernor.

We have a blank journal.

We are missing something or not realizing the significance of something.

Unless Sullivan is expecting us to make up a time travel spell on our own to an vaguely defined point of time in the past… In which case I vote no. I’ve seen enough bad sci fi to know that’s not a good idea.


Is it possible that we have to go back in time to when history was rewritten?


What if we have to go back and rewrite the monarch papers?


Both things are possible. What we need to focus on though is the most likely tangible clue we’re missing. We need to find the start of Fragment 13. This can’t be that complicated…can it?


Well, if we are going to do a bit of time-traveling, we can’t mess-up the past, beside what we need to do.


I dunno if this helps, but here’s a list of all the sites we should be checking regularly?

I’ve been trying to check them regularly, but I haven’t noticed anything… :disappointed_relieved: Maybe using the compass direction as a guide, we need to add something like /Thornmouth to the end of a site…?


I don’t think adding anything to them is gonna work unless it’s really long, complicated and impossible to guess. It’s just too easy…


Just spitballing some things:

  • The Fletcher Dawson website has the Joradian safeguard symbol on it - so maybe there is something additional hidden on there? It could also just be there to protect from people bruteforcing the assessment in its entirety, but just a thought.
  • What ever happened with Portencia’s drawing? I’ve been combing through the last phase to see if we missed anything, and that stuck out as something that we never had a formal conclusion to. It has happened before where we received information during a fragment but didn’t use it at that time and forgot about it. So maybe that’s the case here and we need to find what we have missed?

Just some thoughts.


It’s hard to say what will happen, just because everything is really different from the past fragments. However, in the past, usually the first clue isn’t ridiculously complicated to track down. Consider the last assessment, it started with a diligent Mountie checking the Lost Aethenaeum and stumbling across the librarian notes. It never hurts to keep on eye on the websites or to try plugging things in.


New Fragment 13 topic created here. Let’s move discuss over there and I’ll copy relevant posts there as well.