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The black you see is painted on the face, the hand is that light blue colour (I admit, I did need to zoom a little).


It’s worth noting, if we’re looking for something Gossmere-y, that Aether is a Gossmere too. Maybe we need to find him?

Also, another thing to think about. We know Aether transferred files from KS to some kind of secure server. Did those files survive the Storm? And where did he hide them? Maybe they can provide us with clues or information we can use to decide our next move.


I agree. And, to cover our bases…

@Endri, any prominent Thornies besides yourself that we know?


My first thought (along with most everyone else, it seems) was time travel, particularly to the past what with the Butterfly Effect and all that. One little slip could create drastic changes to the present (the second Back to the Future is a fantastic/extreme illustration in both its primary plot and one of the subplots). I feel like this particular aspect could be relevant because of all the butterflies in the lore (Monarch Papers, the guild butterflies, it sounded like there were other butterflies in some of the previous fragments…); it could also have to do with this whole we-remember-things-differently-than-everyone-else-seems-to thing.


I don’t know much about the roman numeral dates, but is it possible that those dates are previous dates that the storm “got rid of” mounties, or whatever it’s called?
If so, going back to those dates could give us more resources than what we have, if we could set up a link with some of them?
Just a thought.


I really really like the idea of using the roman numeral dates. Especially as we got some new ones on the Fletcher Dawson website!!


I don’t know there are a lot of numbers:
182, 192, 221, 267, 299, 314
323, 326, 385, 394, 395, 410, 435
451, 464, 537, 554, 671, 919, 953
955, 981, 993, 1007, 1011, 1089.1128.1132.1139
1324, 1376, 1409, 1413, 1416, 1627, 1647, 1654

Also some of the numbers are single numbers


The Roman numerals come in sets of twos. The first set of numbers comes with the first fragment usually and the second set comes with the assessments for that fragment set. So far we have three groups of numbers. They have to be some sort of code but this area isn’t my specialty. Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong


I don’t want to step on anyone’s creativity, but I’ve always just assumed the roman numerals are a count of something ongoing. Given how they often come near beginning and ends of fragments set, either a count of people who’ve used the Book of Briars, or ones who’ve taken the Magiq guide assessment.


I’m not sure if anyone has mentioned this, but maybe the storm has something to do with the reason for the different memory of occurrences? And maybe fighting it will be part of changing thing to the way they should be.


You forgot about @Robert! The great Thornmouth historian!


Me? I’m a Balimoran


Your side thing says you’re Thornmouth?


Weird. You are right. Apparently I was a member of both balimora and thiornmouth groups.


As the granddaughter of a man that spent his free time studying Greek culture and mythology this got me more excited than I care to admit! Okay, so the root Chronos refers to time because of two figures in Greek mythology.

The one that is more well known in the titan Cronus (Kronos). He was the King of the Titans and the god of time, and for him time was seen as a destructive force. Nothing could stop the turn of time, and time devoured all things. He was to be feared.

The other is the primordial god of time, Khronos (Chronos). Khronos was believed to be snakelike, with three heads, one of a bull, one of a man, and one of a lion. In the myth he and his consort, Ananke ( primordial goddess of necessity, compulsion and inevitability), split the world egg to form the ordered universe of earth, sea and sky. Once this was done the two circled the cosmos, causing for the rotation of the eternal passage of time.

I don’t know of this clears anything up, but I hope me nerding out helped out a little.:smile:


I agree that the numbers seem like a count more than anything else. I dont think its a coincidence that they’ve all come in numerical order. I think if we could pinpoint when these numbers were written down ( not when we found them) it could give us a better clue to their significance.


My brain has got into full on time travel mode.

If Aether is a Gossmere, and the dark end of that chronocompass needle is distinctly pointing to Goss, and Dee is heading somewhere indistinct by its very name, is she heading into the future or through the veil to find Aether, while we on the other end of the needle need to go back in time via some serious Thornmouth type study.
It is time to apply for the extra library card for the “forbidden” section of books?


What if the chronocompass represents some sort of countdown or maybe a gauge of time passed / that we have left until etc. happens? I don’t know. I feel like there’s something about it that I just can’t grasp.

-sigh- :disappointed:

Oh well. I’ll formulate theories later when we have more information on everything.
I’ve met my involvement quota for the day!


I think I have some more insight into the Neithernor. It has to do with the nature of the Ebenguards sphere; of balance, borders, and change. It’s related to Evolutionary Magimystics. The Neithernor is a state of being between “doorways”. Whether physical or otherwise. Harnessing the power of the Neithernor allows the caster to gain the greatest potential energy for change. Hypothetically, you could become anything you want.


Hey, welcome to the forums! If you don’t mind me asking, where’d you learn all that about Evolutionary Magimystics? :open_mouth: Want to make sure I’m not missing anything :sweat_smile: