New DG Post: M. Grey Ackerly


We haven’t heard from them


So maybe you need the Chronocompass so navigate the Vail




Wait a minute I’ve just remembered that on the Fletcher Dawson site we found Roman numerals under one of the pictures. These numbers when translated looked like years. Now this letter from Sullivan said we had to go into the past. So could it possible for these numbers we have been finding to be connected to this task that Sullivan has left us?


It’s certainly possible. It could be a former Mountie or someone who’s been with us all along. Or it could be someone we’ve never heard of before. All I know is we should start keeping an eye out for clues to their identity since it might help us along the way.


From what I understand, the Storm has taken out multiple iterations of Mounties, and also now KS - it seems it takes out anything that tries to pierce their Veil, so they’re probably much older than any Mountie from any generation.


@Robert - there’s been a rabbit next to my Jeep every morning when I leave my house since your post, and now there’s one next to my Jeep here at the gym. Being a common and reproductively proliferative species, it’s probably a coincidence.

However, a very wise but possibly deranged old arcanist once wrote: “Do not call up that which you cannot put back down.”

The Cabinet (General On/Off Topic Thread)

My thoughts on the mention of us using magiq: I’m considering two different approaches to this.

One of them would be a time travel kinda spell, either to help us with finding the past or even maybe to restore the book.
The other is something further down the line (hopefully a lot further down the line) when we eventually have to go face to face with either the Strom or it’s master.

Both would need powerful and potentially dangerous magiq, though I think my bet is on the former as time magiq seem to me like it would be unpredictable.


Is there a kind of magiq that is more dangerous than the others? One that is renowned as the most dangerous? If so, that could help us figure out what we’ll need to be doing.


That’s a good point to bear in mind. Right now I’m also keeping in mind the proverb of 'beggars can’t be choosers ’ . If we get another, less stalkery, offer of help I’m all ears… pardon the pun.

I don’t suppose your rabbit has a watch on him?


I would rebut your proverb with another: “Patience is a virtue.” Sullivan’s machinations have been in the works literally for decades. I think we can afford to wait a few more days for the dust to settle and more clues to turn up before we go calling on trickster spirits and attempting to bend time with magiq. It may come to that eventually, but let’s not jump the gun.


Oh fine. We’ll be responsible and careful with our time travel then. No fun at all.

In a more serious note. You mentioned before that the compass on the page is pointing to Gossmere. I’m wondering if that’s not a clue we should be looking into. I think that may be a hint we are missing the significance of.




Maybe. We have this chronocompass on Fletcher’s site labeled ‘Future Works’. We have a chronocompass in Deidre’s hands now pointing to Gossmere. I feel like there’s got to be a connection, but I can’t find one. Just adding /gossmere to the end of the url isn’t helping. There’s nothing clickable I can find on the image in that area…

Maybe I’m just imagining connections.


It was more a point of guild pride, but like @Deyavi, I also thought of Colby as a lead as well (being a contemporary of Sullivan, he may know more about Sullivan’s plans and Dierdre’t part in them). On the Chronocompass, as previously pointed out, my guild’s position in the Northwest signifies “morning.” Not sure how that intersects with things, other that we and Dierdre are at the beginning of this new leg of the journey.


Lost Athenaeum check produces nothing. Where else can we look?

I’ll be real sad if this becomes one of those waiting games. We were about two weeks off our game on the assessment, based on the dates. Not that it’s not understandable. We needed that time.

But… I have been thinking about Ascender. The “old friend.” Colby was Sullivan’s friend.

Either the chronocompass was pointed to Gossmere in that magnetic compasses always point north, where the arrow faithfully follows the same direction even if you move, or else we are getting Gossy.


Yeah my point of view is it’s all well and good to wait for more information, but there’s no harm trying what we can while we wait. Unfortunately without a starter’s pistol or the BoB telling us there’s a fragment to be found, we don’t know when to ‘start’.

My thinking is what we want could be on any site we have left.


You might ask why I’m including KS’s site on this. Well if Aether unfortunately didn’t make it out through the gate in his attempt to shield the others then he might still be in their network.

I’ve tried

on most of them.

Eh, it’s a way to kill a Friday morning anyway.


I’m down with your logic. Let’s get it in. Gotta start somewhere.


Is it pointing to Gossmere? Looks to me like it’s pointing to Thornmouth.


I’ll readily admit to never being a scout of any kind. I assumed the point of the compass hand that you read was the one that’s off color though. So that’d be the black end pointing at Gossmere. But could be Thornmouth too.