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I’ve never seen the Book pre-fire, so sometime toward the end of May.


Here’s a picture, if you wanted to see it.


I have been quite curious since arriving here why it’s called the “chronocompass.” The Greek root “chronos” seems to refer to time, but it doesn’t appear to measure or assess time in any way I’m familiar with. Of course, I would love to learn now that it can assess time in some as-yet-unfamiliar manner. :slight_smile:


The position of the guilds (and their corresponding elements) on the compass is actually based on times of day. We got this from a poem back in fragment 7 or 8ish.

This is from @Mike’s great post.

Weatherwatch: Light (Element: Light)
First look upon the red horizon
All awakened by my force
I am the mother and the son, the rising sun my source.

Gossmere: Air (Element: Aether)
Morning’s called me many names
Gravity and untouched things
Though I am but a force unseen carried on imagined wings

Flinterforge: Fire (Element: Ore)
As fire hangs midway in the sky
Move the ground to summon me
But only fire and force will show what I can truly be.

Ebenguard: Water (Element: The Tides)
Day grows weary, night awakes
Five moons call to the water
A careful step upon the land but sea is too my daughter

Thornmouth: Darkness (Element: Thought)
Night black curtains drape the world
Memory and misery, rage and reason too
All are born inside of me, and I am born in you

Balimora: Earth (Element: The WIld)
The darkened world is stirring now
Before dawn breaks its silence
Life and death move hand in have, the minuet of violence

I’m kinda hoping we find or get advice from someone before we start creating a time travel spell on our own. But if we were to start spit-balling ideas about how to create one. I think having the guilds and elements go in reverse order would be a good start.


Thanks for sharing! I knew the Guilds fell into the categories of “sun” and “moon” and had a specific elemental order in spells, but I didn’t realize they had been connected to specific times, as well. Although I do still wonder whether the chronocompass is more like a regular magnetic compass than a clock after all.


@Viviane I wonder that as well. Perhaps, just as regular compasses help people navigate in space (aka. in three dimensions), maybe the Chronocompass helps people navigate in time (aka. in the fourth dimension).


Sullivan’s letter does say “All you need is inside this box. And the places these objects will take you.”


There is quite a bit here to unpack. After my first few read throughs, I get the impression we’re meant to find the door to Neithernor which Deirdre will walk through. How we find it, I have no idea.

But there was something else that caught my attention:

There is a plan in place. An unfathomable machine of secrets designed by myself and the council beyond our sight- a plan to thwart The Storm and its master.

“The Storm and its master.” This would seem to indicate that we are ultimately up against an individual. Knowing who or what that individual is would certainly help us. And it would be nice to know who they were before the Master of Storms gets around to introducing themselves (that’s even if they ever decide to do so). “Know thy enemy,” as Sun Tzu said. It’s hard to go into battle without knowing exactly who you’re fighting.


@Mike Could the master of storms potential be an ex member of the Mounties? Possibly from the Balimora guild…


Okay, it’s a time-compass. I’m down with that. What perplexes is why does it point to guilds? Not times, guilds. Are we designated points in time? Curiouser and curiouser. Kind of makes sense, a bit. Sun and moon guilds, day and night. I think this idea needs more exploration.


Time travel. The raising of the past/dead? Both pretty dangerous as far as I’m concerned, irrespective of who come back from that past.

Neithernor also strikes me. Is Dee off to a land of indefinites (neither one thing nor another) the future, perhaps? Whilst we deal with the past?

The Storm has a master. That implies it has been summoned or created, it is not an entity or action with complete free will.

The council seems to be on our side against the storm (anyone else a little reassured by this, I’m sensing the need for big boots here?).


This may be very far fetched, but maybe the chronocompass doesn’t actually point North? Maybe it would lead someone to what we need next?
It would make sense if it could lead us somewhere.


Maybe Neithernor is in the veil?


So the place we are looking for is neither here nor there. So as others have said the Chronocompass must leads to the Secret World Neithernor. Chrono means time and a compass points to a direction so the Chronocompass must point/lead to a place in time by that logic. By Magiq doesn’t always follow logic so I could be massively wrong.


That’s why I’m thinking the Veil


Makes sense as Vails hide things


Because it is basically Neither here or there, it seems to be a rip in time, we know it’s accessible since Marty and the gang went through it


Remind me did Marty and the gang make it out?