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Well, I have an idea what the last key’s theme would have been.

I have no idea where we start now that the book is destroyed, but something big is about to begin.


To begin this final chapter The Mountaineers must use the most dangerous of magiq

So we need to do…something.

I don’t see anything new in the lost athenaeum.

Nothing obvious on fletcher’s chronocompass page (Although…does the compass look…moved to anyone else?) does nothing

The only other site I know of that’s still up is, but it’s just got it’s creepy logo.

Hmmm, any thoughts where to look?


Man, this is a lot to process. So the last lock’s theme is…time? :open_mouth:

I wonder what Neithernor is? The name alone makes me think of the Fray - a place in between worlds. I know we’ve heard of the phrase ‘neither here nor there’ during the first lock - from the Devoted and King Rabbit’s website. But that doesn’t give us much to go on. I’m not gonna lie, I’m pretty worried for Deirdre. :disappointed_relieved:


Is that the real Chronocompass? :open_mouth:


What in the past do you reckon we are supposed to reach out for? What is the most dangerous kind of magiq? I have so many questions right now!


The Mountaineers must reach out to the past,

Maybe we have to go back to something we did before?

Or someone.

Hey @KingRabbit717 you around?


Time. Time travel.

We go back in time? To the point where magiq was taken from the world, or to another pivotal moment we don’t know about yet?

I’m intimidated, but…

Right now that’s all I got. Blown away.


When the book was destroyed?


All I’m saying is that the dial is clearly pointing to Gossmere.


I wish I had like a cool Ram’s horn that I could blow and in my deepest, most booming voice exclaim “Mountaineers Assemble”.

I am a little flabbergasted to say the least. And a little uneasy. We thought we were in uncharted territory before. If that’s what that was, I don’t even know what we do to describe this. This is going to be fun, and strenuous, and exhilarating, and nerve-wracking, and scary… There is nothing else to do but…


And @Robert - I am not sure I am quite ready for you to start calling on King Rabit :wink:


Everyone knows I loathe KR (treating his actual name like Candyman’s) but according to the Oracular Eye, the creep is working with The Council, therefore, on our side?

Friends must be hard to come by in Council land. :worried:


Or there’s things we don’t understand yet about the situation. Either way… he gave us something we needed when we needed it, even if he is skeezy and intolerable.

AND he may yet again.


Oh, I definitely fully understand he is on our side after what we learned from the Oracular Eye, I am just not quite ready to hear “King Rabbit” just yet, you know? Robert did the right thing reaching out

Couldn’t the council send Queen Mole, or Prince Squirrel instead? :wink:


Actually, I wonder if King Rabbit fared better against the storm? The Eye said he was an agent of the Council, but not necessarily that he was a member of said Council.

Doesn’t look good, though. After all, his website’s as dead as the rest of the Council-related sites. :sob:


Good point. :confused:


Sorry to be a downer! :weary:

I am curious about something though - the Forest of Darkening Glass site is still up. I wonder if that has any kind of significance? Maybe not, since it was technically not a Council site (since Susan is hosting it)… But, I dunno, I thought I’d mention it.


Another exciting post from Deirdre. I’m excited to see her story advance and hopefully she can get some closure. I think we are going to get to learn more about and how to use the chronocompass, which will be cool. I’m not happy about the mean bunny coming back but maybe he’ll be nicer this time around (a girl can dream right?)


Woah, this is all very overwhelming and scary! I know we can get through this though <3


If the Mountaineers need to assemble as a whole, does that imply we may end up seeing some new faces? I know most of the Old Mountaineers were wiped out, but perhaps there were some who survived the storm and have been hiding out ever since! Maybe??? :thinking:

We could possibly even cross paths with some old friends of ours…

Speculation aside, this could be the most important and dangerous venture we’ve had yet. So stay vigilant please! For my sake and sanity :confused:


Ascender possibly? To figure out what that “Machine” was