New DG Post: Here/Where We Go


wanders back in and gets bamboozled


A perfect reference @Chordie

When I first heard the idea, as you all may have seen, I was rather upset.
I mean how the heck am I supposed to want to use magic when Im not with people I love to experience it with?
That may have been my Weathermere side being sentimental about all this, about all we have put into this, and now we are to be blown to the six corners like dust onto the wind?
I offer an alternative while keeping in time with what we already know,
A spell, to strengthen our bonds in this reality and the other.
Its just a seed of an idea, do with it what you will.
For now I state with my fellow leaders and senior members, this is our duty and our destiny.
Let our bonds be burned, to keep the world from loosing its light…
Love & Luck


Any other locations to mention before I send Deeds a message through her blog?


@Augustus_Octavian, did you ever reach out to DG?


Not yet, @Endri. Was waiting on more locations to list.


All set.


Have you sent everything in to Deirdre?




I was going to maybe suggest one more location, but I can add it in a separate comment :slightly_smiling_face: .

Question for everyone, should I comment the old Abandoned City Hall Station because of Brandon Lachman?


Looks like you’ve got a reply, and with a good question; where should she start? Someone mentioned on the Fragment 13 page something linked to Dawson or the Forest, might that be a good place?


I know it wasn’t on the original list, but perhaps the location I listed above might be a good start @Augustus_Octavian?


Added Abandoned City Hall station and suggested that first.


Not that I’d add it to the list now, but there’s also the NYC Public Library. That was Brandon Lachmann’s favorite place in the city, and it’s the location we found his book report on the Forest of Darkening Glass.


Good thinking. That completely slipped my mind


If you haven’t checked DG’s comments, she and Cole have visited The Cloisters, but didn’t find anything new in the journal, and the Morgan Library is closed today. They’re heading to Grand Central now.

Fragment 13 (Official): INLAUDETUS FOUND