New DG Post: Doors Unknocked


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Spell sickness, providence, and how this all started. I’m stunned.



This is an incredible revelation - I can’t imagine what Sullivan went through hiding in the Palace of Doors for weeks.


Wow there’s a lot to process


When I started reading this letter I thought for a moment; “Aw, this will be the sad but light hearted story of Sullivan finding the Ebenguard guild hall”

Evidently, I was way off base.

This settles it for me, if I had any doubts they are gone. The Silver cannot be allowed to continue, their path ends here.


agreed. They must be stopped.

Time to call the corners and draw up our plans.

also thought he might be finding Ebenrest, but is both horrified and disappointed by what DID happen


Hope over to the other post and join in making up a spell to fight off the Storm - that’s at least a good first step.


Ugh. The idea of the Guide disappearing from our world while rotting away in the Silver’s decaying fortress gives me prickles.

Seems like every answer we get about the history of magiq produces three new questions. Is their Palace of Doors its own sort of pocket world? Why would the Silver have the Greens’ pocket watch? Is this the same watch Dierdre had that shudder KR took?


Sullivan… made mistakes. The way any human would, but especially one who feels a call burning in their heart. But he also sacrificed, more than any average man would, to make all of this possible.

Deirdre will probably need time to process this. This goes beyond any of the other revelations he’s shown her thus far, I think. There’s so much we didn’t know. So many questions still.


How I’m reading it is that the Palace of Doors is a hidden location here on our mundane world, but with portals to locations all over our world as well.

“They’d built, somewhere in their Neithernorian fortress, a dark door to their secret place on Earth. A door that now could only be opened from Neithernor, because Monarch’s Mountain had barred Silver’s return.”

It would explain why the Storm has such rapid access to different locations around the US back in 1998 (and now, too).

I’m curious to know what’s happening to the walking stick. I don’t think it’s broken. I have a gut feeling it was meant to do this, that something is hidden inside for Deeds to find.


These journal entries always A) reaffirm what I always believed about the world, and B) reveal more than I could’ve ever imagined was possible.


You’re either much more or much less cynical than I am. Sullivan had a truly extraordinary life, though, and I cannot imagine how he endured it all to bring us to this point.

Imagine such a fortress, and all the magiq inside it. Although I confess I have the feeling that what Sullivan did to get out of there… meant significantly less magiq is inside it now.

It makes me burn for adventures and, at the same time, shake in my boots a little at the scale of the universe, compared to our understanding of it.


We find one truth and find ten mysteries waiting behind it.


To have free reign of that palace. To be able to study and explore… what a waste to just hide it.

Sorry, Thornmouthing…


Yeah, well, we already know first hand that the Silvers are jerks.


I agree Endri! I just want to dive in and explore and document everything!


I deperately hope you’re wrong about what Sullivan did, Dey. Not that I want to be creeping around the Silver’s former territory, but this sounds like the Library of Alexandria for magiqal artifacts…even a little of it would be so precious to have access to.

Edit: Pretty sure you’re right, to clarify. I just really don’t like it.


Me too. Maybe someday we will know for sure. Maybe someday we could put the dark past of that place behind us and put it to some good use for the future.


I suddenly think Sully may be an Eben…


All of that maqic history just rotting away in that fortress makes me depressed… There’s so much we could learn from it!


So since we haven’t mentioned our resident dream boats in a while. Does anyone else think the Silver was the shadowy organization pulling the Cagliostros strings through the years?

I wonder why though a group seemingly dedicated to hoarding magiq put up with someone visibly spreading news of it with his shows? Maybe they tried to keep it all in one person to use when they needed it?