New DG Post: Birthday Girl


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Hey Mounties, Endri here. Eaves has been afk for the past couple weeks (I spoke to him briefly two weeks ago, he said everything’s fine) so I’m filling in on the Basecamp blog for now.

Deirdre posted this morning. Turns out yesterday was her birthday! Happy belated birthday, Deirdre.



Yesterday was my birthday. Deirdre and I have the same birthday. I love knowing this. :birthday:


Happy bday @leigha!


Thanks @Robert!


Happy birthday, Deirdre and @Leigha! :grin:

Cole and Deirdre are such a cute couple, and Cole really has a knack for picking out cool presents. I hope Deirdre fills the journal with all sorts of amazing watercolor paintings!


Happy Birthday @Leigha (and Deeds)!!!