NEITHER here NOR there (NHNT): The Monarch Papers fan-run-podcast!


Hey all! Names chi, you all probably know who I am by now if you’re a regular, but for those who dont, im a rando on the internet who REALLY likes making things.

This is one of those things.

Introducing NHNT, the mountaineer run fancast! Basically, ill be hosting a regular podcast w/ a co anchor (who i still need to find btw, if there are any regulars who want to help me out with this please dm me) where we go over current events in the magiq-verse and the secret society, discuss what it means and where to go from here, and just generally geek out about Magiq! The first episode ive already done, its a large scale catch up on the Ghosts Of NeitherNor, so for those of you who are casual readers its a good idea to give this a listen so you all are caught up. uh… its not really the best thing ive done, since im sort of an outsider to a lot of the events here (even though im also a player), but hopefully I can make this a regular thing!

this is part 1 of episode 1, part two is on the link as well.
Happy listening!


So this is an Out-of-World fan thing?


Yupyup! Just an easy way for folks who cant or dont have time to check the prsfne to catch up on current events and happenings. Totally meta, totally out of world


Hey all! Episode 2 was posted a little while ago. This episode covers some random shenanigans we’ve gotten up to in the ebenguard base, and with flinterforge now having arrived theres much more to record as we near the end of the “magiq archery” arc.