National Novel Writing Month: Mountie Edition


One thing we try to foster in this community is creativity. Dreaming. Setting goals and crushing them. And most of all, encouraging each other
Many of you have heard of (Inter)National Novel Writing Month. In the month of November, every year, there is an international writing “competition.” The goal of this competition is to write a minimum of 50,000 words in 30 days. From the 1st of November, to the 30th. Roughly 1,647 words each day.

To complete - or at least begin - a 50k word novel, in one month.

There are alternatives, as well; custom goals can be created for this event. Finish editing your rough draft. Write a poem every day. Finish the script for a podcast episode. There is also National Solo Album Month for the musically-inclined. Any of this sound like you?

This is the perfect project for a Mountaineer - for a Campfire-stoking, magiq-unleashing, Storm-fighting, Book-opening Mountaineer.

I’m looking for participants to join me over the next 30 days in signing up for this free, challenging competition against yourself. Mountie support, encouragement, writing advice, mini-challenges, inspiration, and accountability (for the procrastinators and the can’t-do-its – of which I know I’ve been one) are included in this deal.

This is the first call. Over the next 30 days leading up to November 1st, there will be more information, NaNoWriMo preparation posts, and reminders to sign up if you’re interested.

If you have any questions, as always, feel free to contact me. I’m always reachable here on the forum, and I check the Discord once a day.



Well, I might not reach the limit but I’ll certainly try!


im in. Heck, might even do podcast episodes. just need to figure something out for a podcast.



I’ve been tempted to try in years past. I’ll ponder. It would be nice to do it with a group.


I’m not sure I’d make it if it was writing, but I can definitely get on board with a big creative project of some sort for November!


I have signed up annually since I first heard about it 12 years ago, just haven’t got very far in the past few years.

Maybe it’s time to try working on that sequel again…


I think it would be nice to use this as an excuse to get my YouTube channel on its feet. I’m in.


This is fantastic! I have a big edit due in December and I’ll join you guys.


This sounds awesome! I’ll definitely try and participate!


I keep reminding myself I don’t have time…but at the same time a story is outlining itself in my head. I’ll keep thinking about it.


Do. It. No, seriously. Do it.


Do you think I would be able to substitute some of my story writing days for essay writing? I have a few papers that need doing, but also want to attempt this, but there’s only so many hours in a day :thinking:


I sure as heck don’t see why not!


I’ll be trying, though most of it may be me trying to recreate the work I’ve lost. :sweat_smile: