National Autism Awareness Month



Hey guys, so this month is National Autism Awareness Month and I thought I’d say a few things on how it affects me.

Autism affects everyone differently and with different severities. I was diagnosed when I was very young and has therefore been a constant companion. I have what is know as high functioning Autism which basically means I can almost function like a nurotypical person. It affects my ability to communicate and understand the world around me. Particularly difficult for me is understanding other peoples emotions and facial expressions (Which isn’t a problem here :joy:). So through most of my time in school I’ve been an outcast and an easy target for bullies. But as I’ve got older I’ve learned to deal and control my autism. Everyday is still a struggle as the condition not only affects me mentally but physically as well. My biggest problem is stress as even a little bit can cause my health, both physical and mental, to drop. Panic and anxiety attacks are a common thing for me usually brought on by changes in my environment. So trying to keep things “normal” is super important. Because we’re hyper sensitive it’s easy for us to get overwhelmed in noisy crowded places so we’ll tend to be reclusive. Autism has also affect my education as it is also a learning disability so its affected my academic ability making it difficult to get work completed.

A lot of people say Autism makes them stronger or unique but for me it’s a curse that I have to live with. As it’s a hidden disability it’s hard for people to understand us or accept us. Thankfully I found this amazing community that has been a second family to me and I’m so great full to be here. If you have any questions I’ll be more then happy to answer them below


As a fellow autistic I’d like to second everything here. I’d also like to remind you that since it is Autism Awareness Month, Autism Speaks may start campaigning more actively. DO NOT SUPPORT THAT ORGNIZATION. Autism Speaks is the only “charity” boycotted by most people it is said to help. They are a thinly veiled hate group so if you do choose to donate to somewhere, please make sure that they are not affiliated with Autism Speaks.


So to try and further raise awareness I found this awesome video!