#NaNoForItsuki: The Leap


By now, we’ve all come up with our mishmash of projects and novels for this upcoming challenge. Crafting, writing, making videos, songwriting, and editing! We’ve had some discussion about creative block, character development, and outlines. Some of us have even been bold enough to share an inside look at our prep work.

One important thing I want to incorporate into this for everyone is encouragement and community. NaNo, of course, has a great community already. But - and I may be a wee bit biased here - I think we have something truly special that knocks NaNoWriMo out. Involvement, steady and persistent, is the key to getting through this successfully, and we’re going to do that together.

We all have school, jobs, housemates (be they spouses and children, roomies, or parents and siblings), and other crazy distractions. But for this 30 days stretch, we aren’t going to let that be a reason not to do what we set out to do.

Tomorrow is day one of NaNoWriMo, Mountie Edition. For this post, I’d like all of us who are participating in the challenge (30 days of creative dopeness) to leave a shout out below. You can tell us what you’re doing, or not. You can tell us how you are going to track your progress (did you see the tracking your progress post from last week?). But the one thing I want for sure is your “I’m in” all over this thread.

Love you guys. Have a fantastic and interesting (safe) Halloween 2017, and I’ll see you for the first official day of NaNoWriMo tomorrow.


I’m in


I’m in. Let’s do this Mounties!


I’m in. I’m still not in absolute love with my premise as a longer story, but I’m going to start writing and see how it goes.


I’m in! I friended most of you on the NaNo site, but if I missed you, username: Brannon O’Neill. Lets flippin’ do this!!! I got all y’all’s backs!


Let’s do this!



I know sleep is for after NaNo, but I may have to start on the 2nd. These last two and a half weeks have kicked my butt.


I’m in!


I signed up


signed in and up and running!