Mystery Stitch-along (cross-stitch)

Okay, this invite of sorts may ramble a bit, so apologies if it gets hard to follow.

Tl;dr: There is a mystery cross-stitch project coming this summer, orchestrated by some non-magiq folks, that I have done the past couple years.Their site says content may range as high as an R-rating on the movie scale, but usually for crude humor related to body parts/adult activities (specifics are my observation), and there are usually completion options with friendlier ratings. Is anyone interested in participating?

Long version:
There is a thing out in other parts of the internet called Steotchalong. I found it after all the pattern pieces were up for year 5, and fully participated in year 6 (last year).

Steotchalong is a mystery cross-stitch project with multiple endings/ways to complete it, where the pattern is released over the course of several weeks (last year’s the endings were in week 9). The designer may (read: likely will) make it look like you’re stitching something naughty by selecting certain parts of the pattern to release earlier than others. Last year, parts of some letters looked like a particular number that would fit that description.

They did it over the fall holidays last year rather than over the summer, so when I tried to see if any Mounties wanted to join the fun the timing was less than ideal.

I’ll put a link here to a photo of the one that I finished last year as part of a gift exchange.
Edit: last photo in Rev’s post Winter Gift Exchange Unwrapping

I’d love to, but I have no idea how to cross-stitch/they take so much time to complete.
It’s super easy, the only parts that might possibly need more than the standard making-a-little-x-over-and-over are in some of the pre-designed endings, and they do put diagrams for how to make those more difficult stitches if you really want those options for your own. As for it being time-consuming, they release the pattern in chunks of 100-150 or so stitches for an entire week, and there’s no hard-fast rule that you have to keep up with the releases. The project itself, depending on count of fabric, usually fits in a 5x7 frame.

What would I even need/does it cost anything?
If you happen to have cross-stitching supplies already, it may cost you nothing! The patterns will likely have pay-what-you-want links on the cover pages, but they aren’t mandatory.

Things you’ll need if you’re starting from zero:
Aida cloth (which count the designer used will be released later, but can be done on just about any of them; the number on the aida is how many x-es per inch, so the higher the number, the smaller it will be)
Embroidery floss - the kind that easily comes apart into six strands. Specific colors, if they are specified (last year’s pattern was “pick 4 that you like”) should be announced along with the size of the project.
A needle (so long as you can fit 2-3 strands of the floss in the eye, any sewing needle you happen to have is fine)

Some people use embroidery rings to keep their projects taut, or fabric markers to mark out a grid so it’s easier to find where the stitches need to go. I usually just put masking tape on the edges of my fabric to keep it from fraying, and on the example further up I made grid marks along the outer edge with sewing thread (five blocks over, five blocks under, and so on).

The last time they did it over the summer, it looks like the scant details pre-pattern release were posted mid/late June, so ample time to think about it.

Anyone interested? Or have any other questions?


I’d really enjoy that, simply because I’ve been meaning to get back on the cross stitch wagon, and recently came into bunch of floss and stuff. I think the ongoing mystery also would keep me committed, because I can only seem to focus when I have a deadline :roll_eyes:.


Oooh, this would be fun! And doing it together would probably motivate me to finish it. Count me in!


Okay, I felt like digging up the actual pictures I took of the ones I’ve made from these things in the past.

A magiq version of 2017’s

Two other fandom ones I made for a gift exchange that year

And the one I finished last year (familiar if you followed the link in the first post)

I also initially started one in :ebenguard: colors, but gift exchange got in the way.


I still have that on my desk. It’s beautiful. :cjheart:


Still no word on details for the stitch-along, but I’m keeping an eye out!

In other news… I might design my own Magiq cross stitch project.

The designer for a crochet group I follow went fishing for geeky things she could use for an A-Z geek project. Being that everyone else was posting plenty of more mainstream things, I didn’t bother putting my two cents in about this.

But it made me think. Most of her projects are corner-to-corner, which could easily be translated to cross stitch (or vice versa)…

Magiq-verse alphabet cross stitch :deirdreexcited:

It will be mine

So when I’m taking a break from my other project(s), I’ll be thinking on what to include in it. There are so many T things off the top of my head I may have to do “(Time) Donut” (because that obviously has to be included).

Naturally, I’ll be sharing the designs when they’re done. :cjsmile:


The photos you posted look so cool and now I want to learn cross-stitch!

It’ll be cool to see those designs when they’re done :hushed:


I started making a list last night! It is by no means comprehensive (I may throw a few more guild affinities in, especially if it might be better use affinities as representation rather than actual guild names). With some of the things on here, I may not do as many pictures as part of this as I’d like (it would have to be huge to make some things recognizable). :eavessweat:

But yeah, any other suggestions? I haven’t done a thorough check on the end of the alphabet, but if anyone that’s read through more recently remembers anything, suggest away!

A Aether/Artificer’s Whim
B Balimora/Bestiary Arts
C Cags/Call to Hearth/Choreomancy
D Deeds/Durkonos
E Ebenguard/Evolutionary Magimystics
F Flinterforge
G Gossmere
H Herman
I Itsuki/Inlaudetus
J Joradian Safeguard
K King Rabbit/Knatz
L Lost Athenaeum/Little Red House
M Marty/Many Hands
N Nightmare Buddies/Navimancy/Neithercouriers
O Obenhedge/Obscuriotempus/Oracular Eye
P Philosomancy/Peering Arts
Q mirumagiQum/magiQ
R Robert Ate The Time Donut
S Stormslayer/Sand and Stone Scrying/Steve
T Thornmouth/Tome Kindling
U Unicorn’s Gait/Uproot/Undo, Multimystics/Unanchored
V Vhelicorus/Vordicriminant
W Weatherwatch


tl;dr: Does anyone have any longer magiqal words that could be used for X, Y, and Z?
Okay, still no word on the stitch-along I initially made this thread for, but I’m done-ish with plotting the words out for the Magiq Alphabet cross-stitch thing.

I say done-ish because I’m feeling kind of meh about how small a space the last three letters take up in comparison to everything else above it.

At the moment, those spots are populated by galifanX, fraYlily, and breeZesigh.

I have other words that are about the same length (or shorter), but they’re sandwiched in with longer ones (even mirumagiqum doesn’t bother me too much, though I could easily shorten it to magiq). And with those short ones all on the visual base of the word tower, it looks like it’s going to topple over.



My nearly-obsessive checking of the organizer’s Facebook page have paid off!

…sort of.

August 3rd the thread requirements and size of the project will be announced (last year it was 10pm EST for pattern drops in case anyone gets to the point where they must have pattern).

August 17th will be the first part of the pattern!

They have some preliminary announcements and team sign ups (for official through-them-on-Facebook teams) the last couple weeks of July, but the big news things start in August.

So yeah, I’ll be back with more info in about a month! :knatzspoopy:

…we’ll see if I get any further with the magiq cross stitch before then :sweat_smile:


Woo hoo! Maybe I’ll have finished the pattern I started a month ago by then!


I’m pretty much done with a different super secret project, and I don’t want to be that person absorbed by their phone right now, so I’m trying to plot out graphic portions of the Magiq cross stitch.

Of course I has to start here:

And I think I’m going to try to fill that tilting bottom section (from short words being used for letters in the middle of them) with something big enough to balance it out. Was trying to justify pillars or something, but the Wishing Jar is right around there…

…It has also just come to my attention just how huge this alphabet beast is going to be. (By how close I’m putting my face to the page as I try to see the little squares in dim lighting)
This might have printed out about the size it would be if stitched on the fabric I used on the Flintershop one I made, maybe the next size smaller. :cagsko:

Definitely starting to think smaller groupings of things might be a good idea for the beginners/less craft-crazy of us.


Okay, there were some very broad details announced on the video for the mystery stitch-along.

  • The project is going to be like the ones before my time, where the picture is the same and there are different text options (the one I am definitely getting during their past project amnesty sale has Han and Chewie in the style of a Home Sweet Home cross stitch, with several other text options).
  • There are 11 parts to the pattern this year, so final part is released October 26th.
  • Apparently there will be some partial stitches in the main pattern, as well as mandatory backstitching, but they will be covered in the directions in great detail so everybody can do it. Backstitching starts in part 10.

And I’ll be back in a couple weeks with info on supplies/project size! :hermanthumbs:


Question - is there potential for interest from this group that we could form an official team? Or perhaps all join another existing team?


I would perhaps be interested…


I know last year there was a minimum of five for an official team, and that likely will remain the same. Opening of team sign ups and further details on that portion will be on this Saturday’s video, as will the official Facebook group for this particular year’s project.

The gist of it involves each group member being in the new official Facebook group, picking a team captain for purposes of having a single point of contact, and the team captain letting them know their team roster (using our names as they appear on Facebook) and team name.

As far as additional team activities, last year there were things like “make something spooky” and a civic duty week (voting/volunteering in the community) and I think a Christmassy thing? Most of those will likely be replaced by other things since it’ll be done before the holidays. Others included picture of a famous person with your project, stitching in cool places, having your whole team finish their projects within a certain amount of time after the final pattern drop, working on a group stitching project where at least five team members got their hands on it… And of course we’d be able to participate in as many or as few of the extra activities as we’d like, but they do award points. Oh, and there were points for having a team logo early on! (My team last year was Cross Snitches and the logo was a snitch made of thread with needle wings, and our group project is finally heading to the last person who wanted to work on it :sweat_smile:)

Edit: I found my team’s logo


The video comes up in a few hours, but the official Facebook group is live. Here’s the link if anyone’s interested in making an official team; there’s a secret password at the bottom of the description for joining the group. (We’d all need to be in the group) Fair warning to those sensitive to language, the designer uses it frequently, though never in a mean way.

And here’s the top of the group form to see what’s involved (basically just people’s Facebook names on the bottom of the form and the email address for the captain).

If there’s any other info on the video tonight, I’ll be sure to add it! :laurensmile:


Okay, so there was no video on Saturday, just the posting of the group form.

So, I guess the way to go about it would be message your Facebook name to whoever’s submitting the form once you’re in the group, and once there’s at least five (including the submitter) they send in the form? We can always add more later if desired.

Should also decide on a team name if we’re going all in. Something related to here seems to make the most sense. :brandonthinking:


Thread list comes out today! (And size of project, but colors)

It says “afternoon,” but it’s 4pm already, so we’ll see just how afternoon it is.

I’ll keep an eye out while I partake of PoGo’s community day and post here on my way to the craft store if it posts while I’m out. :deirdrexd:


Holy crap.

So many colors. :cagsko:

Have some screenshots of the list:

So I tried counting, and it looks like there are 60 colors in this beast. :cagsrip: