Myers-briggs types?


With a dataset so small, it’s hard to draw any significant conclusions on relationships between guild and personality. That being said, data is data, and data can be beautiful sometimes.


We need more sun guilds to take it!! @Crytter and @RootNotes


INFP Thornmouth/Gossmere, mainly thorn from the guide.


Yeah! Polyguild confirmed!


I got ISFJ and I’m in Ebenguard.

Type 1: The Reformer. The rational, idealistic type.
Type 2: The Helper. The caring, nurturing type.
Type 3: The Motivator. The adaptable, success-oriented type.
Type 4: The Artist. The intuitive, reserved type.
Type 5: The Thinker. The perceptive, cerebral type.
Type 6: The Skeptic. The committed, security-oriented type.
Type 7: The Generalist. The enthusiastic, productive type.
Type 8: The Leader. The powerful, aggressive type.
Type 9: The Peacemaker. The easygoing, accommodating type.


ENFP - T Flinterforge and type 2/4 (helper/artist).

(Ravenclaw, pagan, U2 fan and redhead, for all these labels do us).


YAY, a fellow Ravenclaw sun guild!!!


ENFP and I’m in Ebenguard


INTP and a Balimoran and also a Ravenclaw if you are into Harry Potter.


I’m Ebenguard and pretty solidly INFJ (-P)


Thormouth, Moony

Slytherin :wink:


INFJ (an ambivert though)
Hufflepuff lol


ENFP-A, and Balimoran.

This is a cool idea, @Sellalellen.



Ravenclaw (per Pottermore)



I’m an ENFP-T

Almost to a T



INFJ-T (the Advocate), Ebenguard
Last time I was INTJ, but the T and F are very close to an even split.
(I’m just glad that it changed in my favor re: a fandom Myers-Briggs chart)


Flitnerforge and INTP (quite the rare one and it correlates with my guilde!)


I’m a Weatherwatch with an ENFP-A personality, according to the Myers-Briggs. On my RHETI test, my top two were The Helper and The Generalist, both with a score of 6.

I’m also a Hufflepuff, but I’m not sure that’s as relevant to the original post.


Weatherwatch I am a ENTP
On the RHETI i got The Generalist, The Peacemaker, The Helper all at 6


Ebenguard and I’m an ENFP