Probably the legal drinking age of where ever it’s currently located.

Also, @VictorianFlorist - I think it could supply non-alcoholic beverages for the underaged. If you ask politely.


I…actually want this to be a thing?! Like just trick out a bus or van and travel the country, meeting Mounties and trying to convince people to join.


And don’t forget we just casually pull up at CJ’s and either demand he let us in or politely kidnap him, and have a Mountie party/picnic/BBQ/meetup


Of course there will be one of those insanely fancy coffee/tea makers for late night drives and hangouts.


Oooh! A periscope!


Well, I mean, the most expensive decommissioned school buses I see are only 3k. So.


Okay Mounties! Let’s all pitch in! :heart_eyes_cat::joy_cat: I’m down to help (when I get paid of course lol)


:eyes: I mean…there’s always something like Hank bought a bus


We can put TMP stickers all over the inside, as well as stamps or stickers from wherever we stop.


SPREAD THE WORD OF CJ!!! Ding Ding (bell)


I’m so down for this…


I can make pillowcases out of the t-shirts! TMP Merch pillows everywhere!


Can we have eggos and pizza pockets on the Mountiemobile?


A quirky horn!


Bluetooth speakers! Or whatever magiq equivalent.


Magiqbot has spoken.


If only they would build the Alaska to Russia bridge then you come on a giant road trip to the UK! What’s great about the UK is that you only have to be 18 to drink alcohol unlike you spoil sports in the USA! :joy:


It should have an observation deck on top with a pirate-styled telescope.


Hey, I’ll extend the road trip! We’ll meet at an airport somewhere betweent the two of us, and fly somewhere for the Mountiemobile to pick us up! :smiley:


Steve antlers on the front somewhere? :laughing: