So, @Deyavi wants to get a decommissioned school bus, and we’re doing a road trip to pick up Mounties, and cause shenanigans.

This is a thread to discuss how the bus would be tricked out, magical or otherwise.


Herman on the roof and the compass on the hood of the engine


Now I need to plan what state to land in so I can join this bus lol


My original vision was to install reclining seats, but I am leaving this open to alternate ideas, like a cushioned floor with fluffy pillows and blankets.


Come hang out with me in DC; we’ve got lots of international flights.

Also, this bus needs magical GPS with a sarcastic voice. Maybe a character’s. Or CJ’s.


Yeah I’m in Texas so I’m trying to figure out where I should meet up with them


Curtains. I want curtains.


A projector screen on the back interior wall of the bus so if a hangout or forum stuff happen, we can keep up.


Mini fridge maybe??


I think it should have no seats aside from the drivers. The back is just a conglomeration of cushions, blankets, pillows, carpets, and other assorted soft things. Like a giant lounge with no chairs.
I think its back door would be able to lead to any of the guild houses. Like the door in Howl’s Moving Castle. It would run on good vibes and the tears shed whenever Cags’s death is mentioned.


Can we have a couple of bean bag chairs or Sumo’s or something? Those are always fun.


Perfect for cuddle puddles


We could have those Yogibo things too.


Banana couchs that you use wind to blow up???


I support Mountie bus snug piles.


Fuzzy rug carpet?


Ever-flowing wet bar (enchanted to only flow for those of us 21+ and of good intention, of course).


I adore this sooo much :blue_heart:


Does it just not flow for <21 or are there virgin drinks for us? If not, I’ll bring the apple juice and juice boxes.


Does it take into account the legal drinking age of where some people originate?