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I will also do this, shoot me a dm on discord w/ your address o3o


@Revenir Is this still happening?


Sure, let me ask who’s all interested -

@Ravenwing, @Deyavi, @Tinker, @Mr5yy, @Ginger, @Cj_Heighton, @grimangel53, @OracleSage, @Sellalellen, @Viviane, @Remus - Any of y’all up for a penpal sorting for August?


I can’t this month, but I’d be down for a September mail out!!
Spoiler: My pen pal will get some NOLA love :two_hearts:


i cant either, this month, just cause idk if i want to do anything this month in particular until im sure ive got some kinda monetary funds


I can’t do it in August either. September will be the prime time for me.


Sorry not this month


@Revenir I can wait until September. More time to collect goodies to send!


I can do a letter this month if someone wants to ?


I think I’m out this month too…lots going on before school starts up at the end of the month…but definitely in for September!


i… can do a letter this month


I’d be down


Let’s go ahead and do a sorting on September 1st? Feel free to sound off if y’all want to be a part of that.




I’m in for September!


I’m down!


I’m in!


I’m in!


So…anyone else in for this month?


And the mailouts for September are:

Please post below your preferences on what you’d like to send (package, letter only, etc etc). I’m gonna go ahead and set the mailout date for Sept 30. Sound cool?