Mountie Watercolor Club


Hey guys! So Oracle has expressed some interest in doing costume-related work. Would any of you guys be interested in working side by side on the same stuff I’ll be doing in class? I’m more than happy to type up a little thing about the assignments, if you like, or I can just send 'em privately to Oracle if no one else is interested. :cjsmile:


I’d be interested Rev!


Cool! Then since both of you are interested, I’ll tell you what’s up. Next project is a music number from 42nd Street. It’s called “Dames” . The general idea is that you have all these actresses come out in a costume parade. For the assignment, it’s called Variations on a Theme. The general idea is you come up with costumes for the 14 girls and 4 boys based around a certain theme. So, for instance, desserts or butterflies. In the first example, maybe one girl is a donut, another a parfait, a banana split, etc etc. I’ll link some videos when I’m off mobile so we can see how others have done it.

For Tuesday, if you’re following along at home, you should have a theme idea, and some research. Research means you’re finding images that will inspire you to create your costumes. It might help to read a summary of the show, too.


Ohh this sounds cool. I’m not great will clothing but this is a way to get better! I still need to catch up with some stuff but I’ll try to do that soon.


Can I get in on this costume side-project??


Of course you can, @Tinker!

So, here are some videos of the scene:

The major thing about this song…it can get expensive, so a lot of the companies on YouTube…they don’t have the best costumes. It’s supposed to be very lavish, very ostentatious. But we don’t have the budget issue because we’re not actually realizing this show. So, you really want to turn this up to 11.

Also, if you have questions or would like examples, send me a pm here or on Discord. :smile:


Not sure if anyone is still interested in painting, but would some folks be interested in mini palettes? I keep seeing tutorials on youtube for these adorable little DIY palettes and would love to make some. Might send 'em out a bit later, like sometime late August, but maybe reply to this post of PM me if you’d want to try out some paints? :brandonthinking:

Also, for those interested in what I’m talking about, here’s some examples:


Those are so cute!


I know, right? They’re so tiny and cute, but also portable!


I’ve been messing around with travel watercolors lately but mine is by no means this small! It’s so cute. I’ve only really tried the Windsor and Newton Cotman watercolors (their student series).


I recently got into watercolours/art again after not doing anything for years, so I was wondering if this was still a thing? It would be nice to improve/practise with a group


I don’t know that many people are interested in watercolors at the moment. :disappointed_relieved: But I’m pretty much constantly painting if you’d like someone to talk to? I’d be happy to post some more drills and such as well in this space. :cjsmile:


Drills would be great! I’ve been trying to do landscape stuff lately with mixed results. Unfortunately I’m too busy to devote the time I want to to art. :slightly_frowning_face:


I’d also really like drills :smiley: I’m really just starting out so I’m not really sure where to start ><;