Mountie Pen Pals!


I won’t be available this month, unfortunately, but I will pick up again in May.


I just received more birthday pen pal packages!!!

From @Deyavi , a beautiful note, a beauty of a notebook, a Japanese postcard, GORGEOUS sticky notes, ink that I’ve been DYING to try, and even a TOOTSIE POP!

And from @Tinker , a beautiful handsewn AG flag, an absolutely lovely card with an gold AG logo, and handmade MYTH OF ELAINNOR PATCHES which are totally going on something. I’m thinking my canvas briefcase!

You guys have made me feel so appreciated and loved. It means the world…


Hey guys! Here’s this month’s sorting:

Mailout day will be April 20th. :mailbox_with_mail:

You might have also noticed this, but we have a new, in-world thread! I wanted to post the sortings for this month here, but we can roleplay the sorting there if you’d like. Since that thread is in-world, please make sure to avoid any meta talk!


I just saw this and since I’m back and ready to go, if there’s room, I’d like to sign up!


Sure, the next sorting will be May 1st. Feel free to introduce yourself on the new thread!