Mountie Pen Pals!


Actually, I will have more time than usual in December. Count me in.


Yus! I’ll be making some chocolate covered coffee beans this time around :grin:


I can do it this month


Still room in December’s round? I’m in… :blush:


I can do it this month as well!


(Thank god my semester is over lol)

I am in!! Will send whoever I get all sorts of New Orleans goodies! :smile:


Mmmm… I guess I’ll go back in. Since it seems alot of Mountiees are joining, we should do a Christmas special.


I am SO here for that! Christmas with the mounties!!


I wish I could do it, but I’m probably not going to be able to join until January :sweat:


Yay!!! Of course there’s room for you! :hugs:


It’s all good Remus, just lemme know whenever you’d like to join. :hearts:




Annnnd, here are this month’s sortings:

@Cj_Heighton , @Mr5yy

@OracleSage , @Revenir

@Deyavi , @Ginger

@Saberlane , @Viviane

@PhantomPhoenixFrost , @Ravenwing

@cheyyyme , @Tinker

If it’s cool with everyone, let’s have the mailout day be December 20th, since this time of year is a bit hectic? Let me know what y’all think.


Sounds good. :+1:


eyyyy, you and me then, buddy XP


(Also public reminder that Rev is the actual greatest for putting this together.)


I made a slight adjustment to the list to prevent a repeat. So sorry for that mess up guys :cold_sweat:

Also @Viviane ily :hearts:




I’m so excited @Tinker! Message me when you can so we can talk details :grin:


Yes :heart_eyes: Deymom