Mountie Pen Pals!


One week until mailouts! Since the 15th is on a Sunday, I think we’ll extend mailouts to Monday in case people need to go to a post office.


@Sellalellen, @Mr5yy, @Revenir , @Smurfette, @OracleSage , @Ravenwing, @PhantomPhoenixFrost , @Ginger

Mailout day is today! If you can send out your letter today, please do so. If you need to drop by the post office to send, feel free to send it tomorrow. :heart:


It’s that time again! Who’s signing up for the November sorting?






I’m saying yes tentatively…I need to check something with the post office, but I won’t be able to get there until Friday…but I’m like 90% sure it’s gonna be a yes this month

Edit: And I’m doing the bio questions now…will be on my profile bio




I’m in again!


I HAVE A JOB! im definitely in!

in terms of the bio questions… my hobbies are archery, airsoft (target shooting), parkour, swordmanship, swimming… theres a lot. lets say Dungeons and Dragons and Parkour for now -3-

My musical taste is mostly folk, with a heavy dash of electronic and chillstep (god i love chillstep).

My favourite movie is The Road to El Dorado (the dreamworks(?) one), and my favourite tv show is DEFINITELY stranger things.

Uh, other than that… other interests huh. I like baking, not enough to be a hobby though. I like performing, playing guitar and singing mostly; I love Tailoring, and happily enough I have the good luck of always finding high quality fabric for cheap, and finally I adore tarot, though I wouldn’t invest in a deck myself (I dont wanna explain why I bought a tarot deck to my parents -3-).

Fun fact! Im terrified of heights and deep water! Im fine anywhere up to about the roof of my house and about as deep underwater as the middle range of a swimming pool but other than that no thanks!

Finally; my favourite thing about the magiqverse… id say the inclusivity. It’s awesome that so many people can come together like this and do stuff to the point of FREAKING MAILTIME. I would have never guessed six months ago that id be invested in something like this, and im so glad I am.



Welcome to the party, Chi!

Sortings will be this Wednesday, so if you’re interested, please let me know today or tomorrow. :blush:


Alright guys, here’s November’s sortings!

@Mr5yy, @Ginger

@Ravenwing, @Tinker

@Cj_Heighton, @Rimor

As usual, mail out day is November 15th. :blush:


Oh jesus. Postage is gonna suck, and my paycheques ON the 15th. I might be a bit late.


I’m a few days ahead of schedule I guess, but I’m in for December!


Same here!


@Ginger @Cheyyyme, @Mr5yy @Deyavi, @Viviane @Timidity, @Rimor @PhantomPhoenixFrost, @Alec @Smurfette @OracleSage @Cj_Heighton @Sellalellen

Ahh it’s about that time again. Who’s down for some pen palling?


Probably me! I have a lot now due to this job!


Sadly I can’t afford to this month! Sorry my loves! I’ll let you know when I am able to again


I don’t think I can do it this month either


I’m back! And yeah, count me in for this one. :slight_smile:


I can’t do it this month either. :sweat: