Mountie Motivation Fitness Challenge



Happy Friday, Mountaineers!

I hope everyone feels one with the Magiqverse after last week’s Gossmere Tranquility medication challenge. You’re going to need for this week’s challenge. May I present…

Friday Challenge: Ebenguard Discipline

I’d like to thank @OracleSage for the inspiration for this challenge. What exercise better distills the balance between mind and body, the self-discipline of the Ebenguard than … “planks?” Planks are deceptively simple, but in reality very, very difficult. Trust me.

What is a “plank” you ask? It’s an exercise where you hold a posture face down, resting on your feet and elbows with your back kept perfectly straight. A picture is worth a thousand words, so…

Photo courtesy of Muscle and Fitness, where there’s a great detailed article and video on planks.

Okay, Mountaineers - your challenge is work up to planking for one minute. How often you plank is up to you. “Hahahaha, Augbro! I can already plank for one minute! Challenge: Complete!” you say. Then, sir/madam, if you can already plank for one full (excruciating) minute, your challenge is to increase the duration of your maximum plank time by 30 seconds.

Good luck this week, Mounties!



(The only thing I think could hold a candle to planks is wall sits!)


I remember the bain that is wall sits from tai chi class, oof.


I haven’t done planks in literal years…But I’m down to try to get back into it…


My method for timing my planks/distracting myself is watching short videos on my phone while I do it. You’ll be staring at the ground anyway and it’s more fun than counting. So here is a collection of funny YouTube videos, all one minute or under. I haven’t seen all of them but I highly reccomend Benedict Cumberbatch Trying to Pronounce Penguins. Although come to think of it maybe laughing while planking isnt ideal. Idk.


So planks are my favorite exercise, but I’ve neglected working out in any capacity since July or so. But Augo’s challenge this week, so I decided to try to plank for as long as I could after a long period of inactivity, and…

I did pretty well! I’m definitely going to start doing more of the core exercises I used to do, but if nothing else, I’m going to see how much longer I can last than this!


Okay, day 3 of planks and I’ve gotten up to 50 seconds (No timer proof tho…I’ve been watching music videos as motivation)! So still a bit more to go to meet the goal, but I’m feeling good, given it’s probably been like 6 years since I’ve done planks…

Unexpected obstacles so far: my apartment is almost completely carpeted, so I got mad rug burns on my elbows after the first two nights.


Awesome work, @Remus and @Tinker!


I’m no @Remus, but I made the goal time!


Getting there…


A little late with this challenge, but better late then never.

This week, it’s Weatherwatch Motion!

Always on the move in search of the Further Fire, I wanted a to choose a body-weight exercise with constant movement that honors the Weatherwatch guild. So for this week’s challenge: Burpees!

No, I don’t mean what happens after too many burgers and sodas aboard the Ascension on the way to the next adventure. Burpees are an exercise where you drop from a standing position to a crouch, hands on the ground in front of you. You then extend your legs backwards, out straight, bring your legs back into a crouching position then stand up, raising your arms over your head. If you’re feeling ambitious and want to work your chest, do a pushup in the middle of all that.

The challenge is… 25 burpees! Go!


Meant to post this as a quick how-to link, too:




I know its a bit late to the party, but for those still interested, try mediating while planking, it will help the time pass and distract from the exertion.


We’re going to take a brief break from guild-themed challenges (don’t worry, Flinterforge - your time will come) and retrace more of our dear friend @CRSumner with another Cole’s Footsteps Challenge! This one is inadvertently shorter than Footsteps Challenge #1, at about 1/2 the distance, but I think we could all use a breather after the torment of burpees. So, here goes:

This week’s Cole’s Footsteps Challenge is to run, walk or jog 1.5 miles in a single session. Go!


That’s 2.4 km


I think Augo is secretly trying to kill us! :joy:


Dude - 2.4 km/1.5 miles is about 30 minutes of brisk walking. You can do it, no sweat. Literally. You probably won’t even sweat.


Grumbles something about walking to the fridge is hard enough


I also did the 25 burpees I owed you.