Mountie Motivation Fitness Challenge



Does walking 1.8 miles to and from an exam count, adding up to 2.6 miles? 'Cause yeah, that was my day today…

Edit: Never mind, I just actually read the challenge… No way I was doign 2.6 in one session, 1.8 nearly killed me…


Good effort though! Walking as a function of necessity (rather than driving, for example) is an awesome way to incorporate exercise into day-to-day life.


Having joined 2/3rds into TMP, I could use some help identifying any physical aspects of TMP that could be made into weekly challenges. Any thoughts, ideas or suggestions are more than welcome!


I love Cole’s journey walk idea, very creative TMP-related challenge!

Here’s my miles for yesterday, though a museum tour and used book scout figured heavily into my 7 miles walked. (Also, living in NYC, you walk. A lot.)


CJB hitting it out of the park! I hope at least 2.6 of those were contiguous for purposes of completing the challenge, though :wink:


Oh yeah, I was wizarding my feet off at The Met.


I think some Ebbie-inspired “hone the mind and body” challenges could be cool too.


Guild-inspired challenges would be perfect! Thanks for the idea - I’ve already come up with the first one for Friday!


Glad to hear that you’ve run this by your physician - drastic weight loss plans should always be vetted by a trusted, licensed medical professional before they’re initiated/undertaken. Also glad to hear that you’re feeling better doing it!


That sounds interesting to me @Leigha. I’ll check it out. Thank you for sharing.


That’s more like it. New (guild-inspired!) challenge later today.


Friday Challenge: Gossmere Tranquility

This is the first of six guild-inspired challenges. I’m very bias, but I think starting off with Gossmere will be perfect. We Gossmerim aren’t renown for our physical prowess or fighting skill, and health/wellness isn’t also only about physical strength, speed or stamina. Strength of the mind and spirit is just as important to health and wellness as bodily strength.

So this week’s Gossmere-inspired challenge is to meditate. The goal is 10 minutes every day.

New to meditation? There are some great, mindfulness-based resources out there to help, including apps like Headspace and Buddhify, guided meditations on YouTube and other social media sites. Good luck this week, Moutaineers!


I’m honestly having more trouble with this challenge than the last one!


Teaching your mind to be quiet can be harder than teaching your body to be active.


I’ve used Headspace off and on for a year now and still only do 5 minutes at a time.
What I like about Headspace is how it teaches to repurpose thought, not drive them out.


I think a key to meditation is that you accept when your thoughts wander, and don’t work so hard to make your mind empty. Just acknowledge when you have thoughts, the direction they’re going in, and then gently redirect without getting caught up in the fact that you were “distracted.”

Meditation is such a tricky thing. But I’ve been told that the only thing that makes it “incorrect” is when you stress out over whether or not you’re doing it “right.”

#38 this one is pretty good for beginners I think. There’s no voiced narration but it does a good job of getting you in the mindset.


Even though the months almost over I thought I’d get in on it! Decided to start working out with my friend! One hour of kick boxing and a couple of climbs on the rock climbing wall!


I’m proud of you, 5! Those are awesome workouts.

FYI, we’ll go longer than one month :cjtea: