Mountie Adventures!

So this thread is going to be a place for you to post about your adventures around the world!

This can be anything from a day trip out to a new place to a full holiday adventure you’d like to regale us with!

(I’m really bad at creating topics so feel free the edit and add to this description! :laughing:)


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These are all from last year, but I’ll try and kick things off

No idea why I’m Balimoran…


I went to Waterton Lakes National Park yesterday. I figure these fit here.
First off, the mountains en route to the park.

Waterton Lake. The mountain in the second picture of this set is named Vimmy.

There was a big fire in 2017 and the trails have finally been opened again. This patch of earth with scattered rocks and dead branches used to be a dense forest.


(Spitting this post into into 2)
Even though the trees are gone, life is thriving. There is moss and small plants growing even on the charred logs.

This is a view from Bertha Lookout. There used to be so many green trees up the side of the mountain. It won’t look like it used to for another 50 years now.

Back to the plant life, we have blue crocuses, and then sage growing in a rock.

Lastly, sheep!


I’m going up to the Poconos this weekend. I’ll see about posting pictures when I get back!


fancy shmancy game of throne themed dinner i went to.

Let me see… if i remember correctly, new foods i tried tonight were… pinot (white wine), duck, sangria, and golden beets. I also tried blue cheese but i couldnt stomach it and then i tried to drink something to chase it but it was gin and then i was on the seat dying for like ten seconds xD


Not a fan of pinot myself, nor blue cheese.

We spotted deer on the way in to the cabin on Friday. The salamanders come out when it rains, which it was doing Friday. The next pic is the view from my bedroom window, and the last is from when we hiked around the lake and down to the waterfall it feeds into.


Blue cheese :yum:

I have a very nice Cambozola in the fridge which my neighbour kindly gave me


I’ve been called by the tides this weekend. Even in a big city like Toronto I had to find some!

It’s called Tommy Thompson Park and what was striking other than the beautiful lake Ontario was the amount of construction garbage on the “beach” … You can even see some bricks made round by the water.


As a new Mountie I’ve been exploring the forum and came across this thread and decided to stop by and say hey!

Here is a picture of my partner and i camping- does anyone know whether there are any magiq spells for flame conjouring?


My dad recently moved to GA so we decided to take a cross country road trip from CA to GA. Here are some photos:

^Creeply our road trip animal we got from a skill crane because we didn’t know what the heck he was. He blesses our journey with good fortune.

^ Area just before the hoover dam

^ the road at the grand canyon. Our motel room we got for the night was just on the south rim!

^I don’t specifically know where this is, between CA and TX

^ Finally, taking a break from chopping up debris at my grandparents’ farm. The hurricanes that winter hit my family’s area of south GA pretty hard so I was doing some cleanup (you can see some of the downed pines in the back).


^My cat, Lola, after we were reunited at my grandparent’s house. She slept like that for basically the whole week I was there.


highlights from my orlando trip! Arcade is “Arcade Monsters”, which is a “pay 15$ and play as many video games as you want as much as you want” deal, super hipster place complete with craft beer. Dude in the goss shirt is grim, a fellow mounty! The street with the american flag and canopy is in winter park, which is this super fancy shopping district just outside orlando proper. The medieval looking stuff was taken at diagon alley in universal studios, where i spent all of yesterday. Never did go into that candy factory :frowning: the book was cool, you all know that story :stuck_out_tongue:

Today i spent at the beach, screaming my dominance at the sea and largely failing.


Approve of changing the basketball themed place into steampunk Wonka factory. :hermanthumbs:
(It used to be basketball themed, would make me a bit on edge with the hoop they had outside when people were inevitably throwing balls; I have a bad history with basketballs)


Equally bad history with basketballs here. What a weird theme change, huh!


I think they may have torn down/totally gutted the place for that change, it’s been a while.


these are beautiful photos, thank you for sharing!

I don’t usually go out, but that’s a habit I’m trying to break. here’s a view from Cramond Island, a small (can walk around it in an hour or two) island in the Firth of Forth (off Edinburgh), accessible at low tide. Came here for a wedding a few months ago and slept on a yoga mat in Danger House, one of the abandoned concrete military buildings, as a hell of a storm blew every bit of warmth out of the hole in the wall. I’m pretty sure the hill in the distance is Arthur’s Seat?


firth of forth? thats a cool name o3o


haha yeah! there’s some etymological puzzle over where the name comes from but it probably boils down to People Like Rhymes


Hah, i mean? If it works it works.