Meta: The Search For Magiq Super Topic


This is a place to have out of world discussion about the current “chapter” in the Magiqverse narrative, The Search for Magiq.

I’ll start it off by saying how proud I am of the new readers who’ve gained access to the in-world categories and have been learning the ropes, getting involved, offering meaningful insight, and even being brave enough to volunteer for magiq!


Wondering… is Spirit’s new emoji (:spiritseergimme:) in-world, and if so, how is she going to react if/when she sees it?


How did Endri, Bash and co. feel about their emojis, back when EVERYTHING was in-world?


IF I recall correctly, the emoji were only migrated to the forum post-TMP. So we were 100% in-world at the time, but Bash, Endri, and Co. weren’t around to see them. But I may be 1000% wrong.

Martin probably just didn’t notice.


I can imagine she’d just melt into a puddle of fan shreeking since she’s a massive fan of us :laughing:


Ok so like… I’ve totally had these thoughts from time to time. Esp since the forum is a mix of in-world and out, but people use the emojis everywhere.

My inclination is that the emojis are in-world. As far as the question of knowing what these people look like, part of it could be based on TMP, part is just artist’s interpretation, and maybe part social media creepin’? There’s also a part of me that somewhat headcanons a small magiq element, instinctively tending towards a certain look for each character because it ‘feels right.’ :brandonthinking: Because let’s be real, if I had any magiq, it’d definitely be related to portraiture. :deirdrexd:


Been a while since I wrote anything but have been reading the books and across what everyone is experiencing with the threat of the Veil. Seeing the struggle for the Neithercouriers and the Seekers it feels like their are far more factions and forces then we realise at play in the magiq ecosystem. I wonder if the Silver haven’t made attempts to reach or influence people in Neithernor without us realising.

I am also curious about the locations of significance to those native to Neithernor. I’m sure that inspire of the decay seen before the restoration of the Guilds there must be settlements we are not aware of yet.


Not gonna lie, the Portuguese heritage in me makes me want to map Neithernor. If anyone has landmarks, I’d also be interested in hearing about them.


I’d definitely want to meet the natives. Anthropological curiosity is peaked by the little bear Prince and his entourage.


I read something about a King Rabbit? :rabbit2::smirk:


I’m also personally very curious about the sites and relics of old Silver occupation. Before their expulsion the Silver had influence and a presence like the Woolies in isolation. I think learning about these locations in Neithernor will explain a lot about the threat posed by the Silver and the shape of magiq and Neithernor itself.


Lots of forum regulars have icons. I imagine she would react much like our real people did…plus a giant dose of fangirl cause well…Spiritseer.

I think we made emojis in world some time ago actually. People in the low used them. This is still one of my favorite ‘jokes’ in game.

Also fun fact I just noticed. This name dropped SpiritSeer a full year before she showed up on the forum I think?

Edit: Lots of fun lore in that post too. @KellarTheGreat,Places like The Magic Contraption. Ricker’s 17 Spirits. Magiq themed bar? Sign me up.


Wait a second… I just thought of something. If they were using :cjtea: does that mean the Low fanclub imported the emojis onto their forum? OMG, if that’s true, that’s hilarious. :deirdrexd:


:cjtea: !!!


I don’t think I’ve posted these before, but SpiritSeer linked to that post when she first pm’d me. I ended up stalking as many usernames on that post as I could and she noticed :eavessweat:



That all came about because of a really strange coincidence.

I always knew that @SpiritSeer was going to be introduced later.

Then @Sellalellen won–

In the Nepenthe drive last December.

I had plans to have a different character reach out to whoever won that (oddly out-of-world) part of Nepenthe, but then when I looked back on the Fan Club post replies, I saw that, out of all users, Sel had been the one to do a fair amount of research on the Fan Club users, including Spirit, and Spirit and Sel felt like the perfect match.


Omg that’s so cool!


:tinfoilhat: hat time.
Who else do we know that had trouble getting words from his brain to the page (except in a poem, for a bit) when he was caught between worlds and trying to reach out WAY back in Flora and Fauna


This is an amazing thought! You should post about it in the in world thread!!