I’ll double check we can embed them and then if so, move them over to BC33. Thanks for all your work on the wiki Rev!


Happy to help! Let me know if you have any more wiki-related questions. :blush:

On a side note - the wiki’s down to about 15 empty pages. After that, most of the general plot pages should be taken care of, and it’ll be time to dig deeper into the lore and see what pages we’ll need to add.


Incredible! Here comes the lore train, whoo whoo!


They’re all up on the BC33 YT channel! Sorry for taking so long, been pretty hectic at AGP the past week. :slight_smile:


@Revenir I’m back in action and can actually do some stuff on the wiki (for real this time). Anything specific you want me to do?


Welcome back and glad to see you’re feeling better! :grin:

As far as the Wiki…

The To do list has 15 pages left if you’re interested in knocking any of them out. There’s also a few wanted pages if any of those speak to you. And if you want to do something a little silly, I made a page on in-jokes that still needs content.

Beyond that, if you want to do a survey of deeper lore aspects for when we start tackling that in the near future, that would be good. Gathering page names and images and reference posts, stuff like that. And if you’re wanting to do some wiki-formatting, I’ve been wanting to get an infobox together for the fragment pages, and I was also going to try to do a simpler version of this kind of template, where it would link to all the fragment articles on the bottom of their pages.

Oh! And another big thing I’ve been meaning to tackle at some point - fanon. If you’d like to do stuff like pages on Steve the Balimoran or the guild houses, I think it’d be nice to compile the lovely theories that people have had.

Sorry if that’s like a zillion things at once. :sweat_smile: There’s lots to do, and I’d definitely appreciate your help on anything you’d like to do!


Lol sounds good

I will start working on some of the pages right now. I created the wanted pages and added them to the to-do list just for the sake of easy access.

“For the many lulz of the Mounties” on the in-jokes page made me laugh. For this and some of the fanon stuff, I might go to the Other World and get the peeps there to write down a list of all the jokes and fan things that they’ve come up with in that area, because I don’t think I’ve been able to keep up with all their craziness.

I was looking at the template you were talking about, and I think I get what you mean - sort of an area that includes the information we didn’t include inside the written summary or video, as well as all relevant links to different areas for easy access - something like that?

^ that’s kind of what I came up with so far, anything else you can think we should add?


Also, do you think we should maybe create a whole new tab in the main navigation that would encompass all out of world and fan things - like Simon’s music, all of the fan art, the fanon stuff, the in-game jokes, etc. so that it isn’t buried in the wiki? If so, what would I even call that? I’d probably have to combine the Characters and Guild tabs, but I don’t think that would look too bad.


Give me a hot second and I’ll see if I can’t cobble together a template for what I mean. For the infobox, I was thinking just a start date, end date, relevant characters, and a split row with links to the previous and next fragment (Not sure how to describe that last thing, but when I say split row, I’m meaning like the infobox in the magimystical assessments page).


Hmmm…Maybe we could get rid of the Important Links tab, since it’s already on the main page? And then move the Getting Started and The Magiq Wiki tabs to the On the Wiki section? I’m concerned about combining the Guilds and Characters tab because we’re already super short for space on the Characters tab. I’m actually not sure how we’re going to squeeze in phase four characters at the moment. :sweat:


Ok, so I created the Navbox that I was talking about. You can see it on Fragment One’s page right now. It’s just a little thing to make navigation easier, so people can move from fragment to fragment if they want.

Edit: All of the fragment pages have the navboxes now. All that’s left is the infobox and then the fragment pages should be good to go! :grin:


Hey guys! It’s been quite some time since I did an update on the wiki, so I thought I’d do a little State of the Wiki address.

Here are some current events going on with the wiki -

I hope to have the wiki up to speed in the next week or so. Afterwards, it should be smooth sailing for phase four, since it’ll just be about keeping on top of new plot developments and adding them as they happen.

Future plans include -

  • Summaries for each phase
  • Full timelines for the events of TMP (similar to the way the Everyman Hybrid wiki does it)
  • Complete puzzle breakdowns
  • A catalogue of fanon and fandom contributions
  • Archiving blog posts and off-wiki information to preserve removed content

As always, let me know if you have comments, suggestions, or requests. I’m also happy to induct anyone into wiki-editing if you’d like to help out!


Reviving this thread for records keeping at Rev’s request. :blush:

  • Added content for the “Fragment 13” page.

(Cancelled D&D plus insomnia is a great productivity combo.) Hoping to help knock more of these out over the weekend.

  • Added content for Fragments 12 and 14, as well.


Hey y’all! It’s time once again for a State of the Wiki address.

You may have noticed (or noticed me talking about) working fast and furiously on the wiki for the last month or so. I wanted to do that so the wiki was up-to-date for people to refer to when The Monarch Papers is released, and I was hoping to have it available even earlier so the ARC folks would have it available as a resource as well.

As of right now, the wiki has been updated with canon content, up to the current adventures going on in the Ackerly Green Secret Society. The wiki will continue to update as new discoveries are made in the Secret Society, and when the books are released in the Summer and Fall.

So, what’s in the future for the wiki? For right now, I’ll be taking a break. I’ll be updating the wiki to stay on top of Secret Society/Elsewither posts, but otherwise I’m gonna put a hold on things. The Monarch Papers releases early in July, so I want to make sure I’m energized and ready to go when that happens.

In the meantime, if anyone wants to help me out, it’d be great to have some feedback. Are there any articles the wiki is missing, or ones that could be improved? If you were someone who was new to the MAGIQverse, do you think the wiki has every article that a new person might need to get up to speed? It helps a lot to have outside opinions, so let me know your thoughts.

Also, as a side note, the wiki is now home to 207 pages! :tada:


Turns out I lied, just a little bit. I added infoboxes for the fragment pages, which is something I’ve wanted to do for a while. :slightly_smiling_face: You can see them starting at Fragment One.