It occurs to me how sarcastic my statement looks when paired with my profile picture xD

I assure you that I meant it


I got the sincerity.


So, a little update on the wiki - Deirdre, Cole, and Sullivan have filled out pages.

The good news is, that means most of the really content-intensive pages should be taken care of (except Lauren, who’s partially done, and Brandon’s may be a bit lengthy). There are still quite a few pages left, but they should go much faster.


@Revient so funny - you corrected my spelling of unravelling to unraveling on the Reader page :joy: I’ll try to stick to American spelling from now on :us:


Oh, I didn’t even know there was a difference in spelling! :laughing: I was just on the page, trying to see if I could use some of the stuff I’d written earlier that night, and noticed the redline from Chrome.

I think my 'Murica is showing. :flushed:


So the combined strengths of @Kelsey and myself have triumphed - all but Brandon in the Phase One character tab and the entire Phase Two character tab have content! We’ve still got 31 articles in the To Do List, but we’ve made a pretty big dent in the wiki! :tada: :grin: :tada:

I do have a question for creative types - we have pages for Eye of the Moons, Siren’s Lace, and Vhelicorus, but we don’t know a whole lot about them? Would anyone want to do artwork, theorize, or do some prose on them?

Same thing could go for the animal pieces in Phase Two - I was a bit hesitant to make the pages because we don’t know, say, what a Brachursis is :sweat:.


Looking good! I put in some info for the Kindly Brew page and created a Magimystical Assessment page (some of the information there may be somewhere else already though?)

I’ll keep working on some pages right now.

It could be worth creating another off-topic specifically for the animals and the flowers, where everyone can work together and come up with some decided ideas and images that represent each. Unless of course @CJB already has a clear idea as to what Siren’s Lace or Brachursis looks like and we can put it up there?

Edit: also feel free to edit anything I add in the wiki, I try to make it look nice but you definitely have a better eye for layout than I.


I would LOVE to see what images you guys come up with.


Sounds good. I’ll put something out for everyone to discuss.

Another question @CJB - what about different types of magiq? Should we get each guild to come up with what they believe their magical affinities can do or do you already know the particulars of each guild’s magiq? We don’t need to include this in the wiki now if it is coming out from you later, but if you don’t have the specifics for all the guild magiq, we could see what the people think.


I have… some ideas,:sunglasses: but would love for you all to play and explore. Down the road we can always decide what’s “canon” and what isn’t. Sound fair?


So I made a thread for people to discuss the Fragments lore - thought I’d put this here as well.

I added a some art of my own, might do some more of the other flowers and such. Definitely interested to see what art people end up creating. :grin:


Been way busy with exams (one more and then I’m graduated!), but I should be back now and free to work on the wiki more. I’ll start adding in those awesome fragment recaps soon too. Should I put them on the front page as well as on their fragment pages? Or just the fragment pages?


Cool news! The wiki now has 100 articles.

Unfortunately, a little under half of them still need content… :sob: I’m working on it now, though, so hopefully that number will be drastically lower in the coming weeks.


You are a very good person.


My god, this was such a wholesome exchange. :slight_smile:


:heart: :heart: :heart:


Hey @CJB - I have a favor to ask. Would it be possible to upload the two KS videos to the Vimeo channel? Unfortunately videos can’t be directly uploaded to the wiki. :dizzy_face:


I can I can… Will take care of tonight/tomorrow morning!


Question, Rev… Should I move the BC33 YT videos to Vimeo, or should I move the few videos on Vimeo over to the more active TY channel? Does it matter wiki-wise?


I don’t think it should matter too much, I would just need to relink any videos that were deleted. The only thing I noticed is that, if playback is disabled on other sites, then it won’t work on the wiki. The Aether livestream had an issue with that.