Thanks you guys! Glad you like them. I’m having fun making them, though I’ve pretty much run out of ideas. If you have any ideas, let me know and I’ll take a crack at them.

@CJB have you thought about how we should get people to the wiki? I see that we have a bunch of new people and I think they could really benefit from it, but I’m not sure they know of the wiki or this hidden category (I guess I could make a video on categories too now that I’m talking about it lol). My idea before was to send a one-time out of world message when someone signs up for the forum, just letting them know of these things. Another idea could be to make the Welcome Lodge out of world so that we can post links to the wiki when someone new is confused. Just throwing some ideas out there, but hopefully we can expose more people to the wiki since it is getting close to being finished thanks to the hard work of @Revenir


You and @Revenir have properly murdered the wiki and I couldn’t be happier. I think you make a great point. I’m always reticent to reach in from out-of-world, but there’s two ways I could do this… How about A POLL?!

Should the welcome email on the forum be from me, with in and out-of-world details like the wiki, The Cabinet, and my category? Or should I have an automated email that goes out after Eaves’ initial email you get when joining? It could go out an hour, or even a day later, so that way ALL readers would see it, not just people who join the forum?

What do you think? Only give it to people who join the forum, or send it to every new recruit?

  • Out-of-World Email Welcome to Everyone
  • Out-of-World Forum Welcome to Those Who Join the Forum

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I just spent half an hour reading about my own book over on the wiki. I am so impressed and honored @Kelsey and @Revenir that you would dedicate so much of your time to building that site. It’s amazing. PLEASE keep up the good work.


Will do!

Also, I love the new badge - spellcaster is absolutely perfect for the last phase.


I cobbled together a wiki header image last night. We can knock it off the to do list for now, but anyone, feel free to do something better!


Hey @Kelsey, I’m going to mention the wiki and your videos in my email to new players. When do you think those videos will be up on the wiki (or are they and I’m blind?)

Also, (and @Revenir, maybe you know) the mobile version of the wiki doesn’t have all the categories that are up in the “header” of the wiki. I’ve tried adding them but honestly don’t want to break what you guys have created. Any idea how we can add those to the mobile version since they’re the bulk of the content?


You aren’t blind - I’ll put them up now and I can edit the mobile version of the header as well :slight_smile:


I want to give you all the badges.


As an aside - the mobile home page and the desktop one are separate (as far as I understand, at any rate), so feel free to experiment to your heart’s desire. It shouldn’t affect the desktop homepage or any of the articles.



Okay - here’s what I’ve discovered. Wiki is a little screwy - they create a mobile version that either looks like a very basic version of your wiki mainpage in black and white, or you can edit 3 sections and make it look a little different but it is all made up of icons and little images. It’s hard to explain, so I tested a few and took some screenshots:

This is what it looks like right now (just regular):

It does have navigation but it’s in the little hamburger dropdown list:

This is what it would look like if you click edit mobile page on the mainpage and add in some of the feature content/categories options:

And @Revenir is correct - mess around as much as you want with it lol. I personally think that it looks better with the basic version since we don’t have many images or categories created yet


Agreed, simpler is better for now… Thanks you two!


How do we get the special titles? I’m seeing people around the forum with them, but I only have access to the Thornmouth one and Kindler, I believe.


Its part of badges! You are fairly new so you won’t have many, but when you go to your profile you can select one of the badge titles under well… “title”. Thats it! :smile:


Maybe we should have a page dedicated to titles. I didn’t think about that. :open_mouth:

I just thought about something… Did we ever save those periscope videos from Fragment Four? I got to the point in Cole’s article where he did the stream and it made me realize I couldn’t find a video of his bridge journey. Actually I don’t think his Periscope has the video of his first journey either. :sob:


You earn them along with badges, @Chordie. Most of them are automated, but some are manually gifted behind the scenes like Recruiter and the Historian badges, which are for providing other with resources/information. Most mounties that have “alternate” titles have been around a while. I’m sure you’ll be earning them in no time. You should have Spellcaster already because of Phase 2.


@Revenir, you mean you guys haven’t found the Basecamp 33 Vimeo Channel? :wink:

I just put a BC33 Youtube channel up for the soon-to-be-posted fragment recap videos. Maybe I’ll migrate these mission videos over too.


@CJB Bless you! :clap: :clap: :clap: A million hearts to this post, I say.


I don’t believe I have it. It doesn’t show up under badges or titles, last I checked.


You have been personally badged. :slight_smile:


I’m honored