Yeah, that would be perfect!


if you want some help on write ups, I could possibly be of assistance!

I would love to contribute, i just dont know a whole lot about wikis

However i may, I will help. A bestiary? Aesthetics? Campfire roundups?


Hey! So we actually have a ton of pages that need writeups - you can find a list here. If you’re confused on how to edit a wiki, there’s tons of guides they offer here.

I’m currently trying to fill out essential pages (ie what’s the book of briars, fragments, etc) but you can pretty much do whatever suits your fancy. The hangout this evening reminded me that we could add even more pages - like pages for the RPG in fragment four. :hushed:


why? i tend to no ignore things that say ignore this.

but oh well


Working on another how-to video


i’;ll look into it,

I would like to put some miscellaneous pages up for the different Campfire projects as well.



Okay take a look at this and let me know if there is anything else I should change -


Here’s another one. Playing with different backgrounds and little sound effects. As always, let me know your opinions and if I should change anything.

I’ll probably make more later. Like how to edit your profile, how to message OOG, etc.


I’ve drawn up a logo we could possibly use,

i’ll post pictures later, when i can, but if anything, I’d suggest either the basecamp logo, or maybe the monarch papers butterfly thats breaking down for the logo for the wiki


Kelsey, this is awesome! If you could maybe just have a bit at the part where after you learn your guild that you can sign up there at the magiq guide… there’s a place to officially join the mountaineers with a little more fanfare than the newsletter signup that’s on basecamp. Is that okay? I LOVE these videos!


No it’s not okay!

I’m just kidding, of course I can do that. I actually just went and clicked on the final page part, and it’s definitely cooler than just going to Basecamp to sign up. I’ll fix it right now.


Alright try this -


It’s perfect, thank you!!


@CJB could you do me a favour and award this account a badge so I can make a video later on how to edit your profile and choose a badge? :smile_cat:

Also, when I click on Herman on the forum or on the Basecamp33 website it says that I can’t message meta.

P.S. I’m liking the new changes to the Basecamp33 homepage


You have a new badge and you should be able to message meta now. :slight_smile:


Thank you sir!


So a little update on the Wiki -

  • Pages on the Basecamp 33 Forum, the Book of Briars, and the fragments are completed.
  • Fragment Recaps are all posted on the wiki, though I’m hoping to wiki-fy the pages a bit more.
  • I’ve also added skeleton outlines and infoboxes to all of the pages, so all that needs to be done is just adding in the actual writing.
  • I’m hoping to fill out the Cole and Deirdre pages ahead of Phase Three. That way new readers will have the most essential pages available, to reduce confusion.

That’s about it for now. I’m trying to hurry and fill in all these pages, but hopefully I’ll be able to turn my attention to some more aesthetic things soon. :sweat_smile:


Made a couple more videos plus I added in the description of the Guilds on the wiki. I also put up a Patreon banner - my Photoshop skills are shoddy at best so if anyone wants to make a new one, go for it.


Very impressive! These are going to help a lot of people.


These are FANTASTIC!!!