OMG!!! Those ads are so annoying, I am just trying to click on something and they pop up and move the whole page down.


Man, the wiki reeeaaally wants me to shop at “Talbots” whatever that is! :laughing:


Adblocker is your friend on that site, for sure. But if it gets too annoying lemme know and we can come up with some other option down the road?


You guys are KILLING that wiki! Do you understand what it’s like for a genre writer to see his readers create a wiki for his work? It’s the sci-fi/fantasy Oscars!


Hey, so I was wondering if there might be people out there who want to help but maybe don’t know what needs to be done, so I created this page for the wiki. Also I figured it’d be useful to keep track of things that need to get done. :slight_smile:

I’m gonna try to cobble together some idea of how to format articles based on what category they are (people, places, objects, etc), hopefully this should help people who are new to contributing to wikis.


I want to heart that about a dozen times.


Aw, I’m glad I can help! I really dig wikis so I’m super stoked to be contributing. :grinning:


I’ve been super busy, but I was just looking at the wiki and I must say @Revenir is killing it! Everything looks amazing and it is really shaping up. I’ll try to do some more work on it this evening as well.


Aw thanks @Kelsey, you’ve been a great help as well!

I’ve been slowly but surely working on write-ups for the characters. Hoping to wrap up phase two’s characters in a couple days. I’m thinking about pivoting and doing some of the introductory-type pages though, and maybe like a starting guide for how to contribute to the adventure? I’ve noticed there’s an influx of new people and I feel like having a kind of ‘wat do?’ post would help get people up to speed easier.


That all sounds awesome. I definitely think we need to work on helping people get introduced easier. I can only imagine how difficult it must be to try and catch up on all the content. I was thinking of maybe making mini how to videos that people could watch on the wiki to know how to sign up, post an introduction, change their profile, etc. as well as introduce them to characters and other things - just to help alleviate some of the constant reading. Not sure if it would really be that helpful or worth it though so I’m on the fence, don’t want to waste my time if it isn’t something that’s going to be useful.


I think that could be a really good idea! It would definitely help people avoid having to read tons of text if they’re not into that, give them a bit of audio to mix things up.


I’m whipping up an example, and if we like it, I can definitely do more. I’ll post here when I’m done.


Here’s what I threw together. A little long and the music is a little funky, but something like this (or similar - if someone wanted to do voiceovers that could be cool too) could be good for the wiki - we could do them for characters, fragments, etc. Just an idea.


I think that’s awesome! But I do want to ask, is the rule still in place that you have to be here for a while before you can PM people? I know when I was a baby mountineer… I accidentally maybe discovered some stuff before I should have, related to the 4th fragment while we were in the beginnings to the 3rd. Oops :sweat: and I would have pm one of the main guys, but it didn’t let me cause I was only there for like 5 days. I don’t know if its possible, but I think that should be changed so other mistakes aren’t made.

Similarly, in a video like that, we should explain the “meta” feature, or at least show it! I think that would be useful for newcomers as well.


How am I just seeing this!!! Amazing for, @Kelsey! My ONLY suggestion would be to have Step 1 be visit the MAGIQ Guide because it kind of introduces the whole world and the central mystery. Then once you know your guild there’s a place at the end to sign up and get your first Eaves email, which is also signing you up to the newsletter. From there, you can go to basecamp, etc, etc… I LOVE THIS!!!


@TheBellsAreRinging, maybe there could be a mention of Herman the hippocampus on the forum and BC33? That’s an immediate way to contact the “out-of-world” powers that be if you find something or have an emergent question?


Also @Kelsey I meant to mention that @Brendon, @Robert, @Crytter, and I are also working on a series of short video recaps of every fragment and maybe once they’re up you can add that bit to your awesome video?!


You could even start them at the trailhead, if you think it would help get them to understand what this is all about? What do you think? I love this video…


That video is awesome @Kelsey!


I am down for anything - I just put that one together as a demo so we can change it anyway you guys want.

Monarch Papers could definitely be good and then click on the Book at the bottom to lead them to the Guide?