@CJB has set up a Wiki here - - so I thought we could create an area here where we can chat about it as well as work on things to add.

I was thinking that there should be a tab titled Characters and then we can have different sub tabs something like this:

  • Characters (main tab)

     - The Mountaineers (sub tab)
                    - Ascender (sub sub tabs lol)
                    - Bash
                    - Eaves
                    - Endri
                    - Itsuki
     - The Greens
                    - Sullivan Green
                    - Deirdre Green
     - Orvin Wallace
     - King Rabbit
     - Brandon Lachmann
                    - The Last Traveller      
     - The Devoted
                    - Sascha
                    - Reader
     - Cole Sumner
     - Martin Rank
     - The Cagliostro
                    - Lauren Ellsworth

Then within each tab we can write about the characters, things that have happened involving them, etc. For Deidre for example, I was thinking we could have a timeline of events for her - y’know like moved to New York, re-opened Ackerly Green, etc.

The Monarch Papers - Character Inspiration Concepts

Other categories could be:

etc. - pretty much any important link that is still relevant to us right now. Like the ones on the Basecamp main page.

Another obvious one:

  • The Guilds
    • Balimora
    • Ebenguard
    • Flinterforge
    • Gossmere
    • Thornmouth
    • Weatherwatch

Also, maybe things like Weekly Recaps, About the Author, Vlogs, etc. could be included


@Kelsey, you are a dream come true. Please feel free to start tackling this and I’ll help when I can, and will also tidy/style up the wiki when I have time. I feel there’s a special badge in your future.


Sounds good! I don’t think I actually edit the top navigation bar, only admins can so you would have to do this, but I can start creating pages which can later be linked up top :grin:


Oh God, please tell me I can make you an admin…


@Kelsey, you are now an administrator!


Awesome, thank you! That makes things way easier. I put in the character tab to show what I’m talking about. I had to condense things a bit and categorize some characters by phases.

If anyone thinks of anyone I missed (or if I put anyone in the wrong category), let me know and I’ll add them.


This looks great, hopefully I can help out soon.


Happy to make you guys admins if you’re interested in working on the wiki.


I did the tabs that I can think of. I also started doing Character pages with infoboxes and Guild pages as well. We can edit any of the infoboxes to add or take away information. If someone doesn’t want to work on the wiki but has ideas or edits, let me know and I can change things for you.

This is fun :relieved:


Yeah, I would love to help out soon as well. I don’t have much going on this weekend, so I could definitely have some time to give you a hand with this, and to actually work on the Deirdre sections for the Fragment Recaps


You guys are the best!


This is a really good idea!! I found it a bit confusing to look through all the wiki things on here, and I’ve been here since the fourth fragment! Although, that might be due to the fact that I use the “Latest” tab to keep up with all the stuff thats happening. This should keep it much more organized, and while I’d love to help, I’m not sure I’d really do a good job :sweat_smile: Plus, the wikis leave out a lot of information and it would be nice for new recruits (and the older ones too!) to access all those cut corners, in a much easier way than just looking through the hundreds of replies for them.
My only advice is well… make it nice and neat! Don’t want to confuse anyone!


Question for you all:

Which location of the Important Links do you like better on the wiki? I have the “Important Links” up in the top navigation bar and I have also put them in the right column on the main page so we can decide between the two.

I think that the main page might be the best place because we have almost reached our cap on how many separate categories we can have on the navigation bar (i.e. The Characters, Guilds, Phases, etc.). We could always keep the important links up top until we need the space, but if you don’t mind how they look in the right column on the main page, it would be nice to keep them there.

Let me know what you think.


I think the right hand side of the main page looks really good. It keeps it “separate” from the rest of the rest of the wiki, but it still easily accessible from the main page. The whole wiki looks really good though Kelsey. Awesome work!


Yaaaas, wiki time!

So, there are a couple of thoughts I have -

  • Maybe it would be useful if we had, like, a glossary type section? I think we could definitely use pages outlining what are fragments, what are the keys, what does magic mean in the context of the magiq-verse, etc etc
  • I think at some point it would help to have a kind of community portal so people know how to contribute to the wiki? Here’s an example from a wiki I quite like. And here’s another example of how it could be done.
  • Maybe it would be best to get rid of the death dates for characters who they probably won’t be necessary for (ie the basecamp members)?

Also, I was wondering if you guys might want an interim background? I made some simple ones out of the guild crests.


I will take a proper look when I have a spare moment, and will likely put my hand up to do a page or several


Those backgrounds are really nice! I tried to put one up on the wiki, but for some reason the wiki is giant so it doesn’t fit perfectly. Could you edit it so it can be tiled?


I like the idea of a community portal, definitely something we should add.

EDIT: I made two new infoboxes - one for living characters and one for dead ones. I redid everyone’s and it does look better as it got rid of the multiple unknowns in the box, but still let you add them in later.


Here’s a vertically tiled version of the smaller badges:

It’s not a perfect version, but it should hopefully not be too horribly egregious.

Edit: I got admin privileges, so I’m getting rid of these huge images over here. Let me know if you’d like a copy, though. :sweat_smile: