Magimystical Research and Development Lab


Submittal Request: Obsidian Ring with a Green Amethyst Inlay

Reason: Over the past few months my adventures for the Gossmere have taking me to fascinating places but I kept facing a singular notable problem. Necromancers and conjuring of the undead. I have been able to return nearly every soul to rest through manipulation of Zoe, a spiritual energy. It is a technique learned by Adepts of Therapeutics, however, it can have “creep” effect as one is inherently tied to the Soul of their patient, I’ve had to meditate often to purge this effect from me. A ring with a channeling crystal would be of utmost help in dissipating any future corruption more efficiently, and I may be able to diffuse the taints as I heal the undead and return them to rest.

Bill of Materials: Obsidian Ingot, Green Amethyst​ Ingot

Band: Refined Obsidian

Feature piece: Green Amethyst

Magical Inscriptions: The Bronze Snake

Incantation Inscriptions: Liberi Mortis Sola Gratia (Freedom from Death by Grace alone.)


Im sure Flinter could help forge such a ring?
And the incantation can be laid upon it by a few Gossmere?


Researcher: Victorian “Vic” Florist

Project: Fixing the damn coffee maker.

Process: The coffee maker was unplugged and dismantled so the inner workings could be addressed. All parts were cleaned and returned to their proper places. Enchantments were reset and Coffee maker began working again.

Product: Coffee. I made coffee with the coffee maker that, for some strange reason, only I can fix.

Applications: You damn nerds, yes I am talking to you fellow Thorns, have your coffee maker again. It’s life giving sustenance is now accessible again.

Addendum: I despise whoever enchanted the damn coffee maker to only respond when I fix it. I’m a Thornie for Neitheror’s sake! I should be spending my time researching the new magiqal plants Weatherwatchers bring back but noooOoOO. I have to fix the coffee maker every few hours. Just buy a new one already, or get the Flints to build one! I’m tired of spending my time dismantling and rebuilding that coffee maker. Any more of this and I’ll turn into a Flintermaw! I don’t even drink coffee. I drink TEA. I don’t even need the coffee maker but nothing would get done if I didn’t fix it. Even if you guys won’t buy or build a new one, can I at least get some appreciation for what I do? I was so disappointed when I got my secret Santa present last year, who gets a coffee mug for a tea drinker. I KNOW IT WAS YOU DONNA, CONFESS.

Addendum-2: I am fully aware I used the wrong form. Stop reminding me or I won’t fix the coffee maker next time. I will do it! No skin off my back! I drink Tea!


Research entry 1349:

Researcher present at time: Magiologist Bob Standfield

Experiment attempted: To create a pocket world. Creator of said world would have the ability to shape what is inside of it only once.

Results: Amazing: Pocket worlds are easily enough create once you can create a key. Creating keys are the hard part.

To create a key, you must make it out of something you love. So a strand of hair from a loved one, a sliver of metal from a trophy, a corner of a favorite book, etc. Keys are part of your being. You cannot lose them, for they will always return to you; either in a pocket or a location near you, like a table.
Once you have the item, you place it into a mold of your selected key. The most common molds are those of skeleton and house keys, though a key “to the city” had been used.
From there the process is simple, simply make the key like you would normally. The completed prize should have that ability to create a pocket world, if the item put in was part of the owner’s most beloved.

Addition: Keys to pocket world are only allowed to be created with 4 guild leaders approval and the help of willing Balimoran metallurgists.


You didn’t hear this from me, but I think the Balimorans have been using the coffee machine to brew potions of some kind. I wouldn’t drink the coffee if I were you. Thank goodness I’m also a tea drinker.


Using what? Not that I want to get involved or anything…


Wait. Coffee isn’t a magiq potion?


See, there’s mundane coffee and then there’s Magiq coffee. Only one of them really gets the job done.


Researchers: @Sellalellen & @Viviane

Project: The first prototype “Internet Cauldron,” as Sel mentioned above.

Process: Designed and tested several prototype Internet cauldrons for their capabilities in physical object transportation. Each prototype set was constructed and engraved with a unique runic identifier for ICP: “Internet Cauldron Protocol,” linked via a magimystical energy network, and tested for ping before any attempts were made to transport objects. The following is a detailed list of the different prototype cauldrons, their specifications, and their performance in the tests conducted.

Prototype 1: The first attempt at creating two linked Internet cauldrons, one to send and one to receive, relied on a magiqal synthetic substance that would, in theory, comfortably support objects of various sizes while also maintaining the temperature, coloring, and chemical composition of the objects throughout the transfer. Unfortunately, the synthetic’s properties reacted unexpectedly with the network so that adding the tea created an infinite loop that exponentially increased the temperature inside the cauldrons and ended up melting both the teacup and the prototypes. The lab was temporarily evacuated in accordance with safety protocols.

Prototype 2: The next set of prototypes were traditional iron cauldrons. We hoped a magiq-null metal would prevent the aforementioned melting issue. Unfortunately, this set of prototypes never got past the initial setup phase of testing, as iron apparently also slows magiqal network connectivity to unworkable speeds. (We’re…not actually certain, but we think the ping test to determine the speed is still running.)

Prototype 3: This was the most successful prototype set, made from an alloy of aluminum, platinum, and cosmosium (a magiqal metal with transmutative properties). Seventeen total attempts were made at sending objects through this prototype, the plan being to start with an empty teacup and work up to a perfectly-prepared cup of tea. However, it seems that the connection has been configured incorrectly, since the first teacups sent through one cauldron seemed to vanish and not reappear in the paired cauldron. Several tweaks to the setup have proved successful, as the most recent teacups sent through one end now come out in the other cauldron as a misshapen heap of notably ceramic material.

Results: Unfortunately, at the time of this report, no viable product has been successfully created. Despite the desire to continue the project, development has been discontinued due to insistent requests from other tea-drinking members of the research staff that we “please stop diffusing all of the lab’s teacups into particles and not replacing them, as they are communal property.” I personally think tea from a coffee mug or paper cup is a completely acceptable sacrifice for the sake of research…but the project has nevertheless been shelved.

Addendum: If anyone can think of a benefactor willing to supply us with several hundred identical, un-sentimentally charged teacups for testing purposes, please give them my contact information.


After my latest report, I have come to the possession of exactly 726 teacups that have appeared in my apartment. I believe they belong to you?

Perhaps the Internet caldrons are not sending things where we want them to go but to where the item needs to go.

On another note, I will be shipping all 726 teacups to the Flinterforge wing. You will be paying for their transport.


That excuses… no… sorry… explains why I have so many cups!

Send them my way folks. There’s nothing I can’t do with a mug!


You may find about 26 of those cups missing…


There’s no need to send them. I’ll just come pick them up. I have a few experiments I want to do in your area anyway. Electromagnetic fields and whatnot.


Researchers: @Sellalellen @Viviane

Project: Internet Cauldron (continued)

Details: Many of our missing teacups have appeared in recruit @VictorianFlorist’s apartment. I took it apon myself to retrieve them so we can continue our experiments and conducted a few measurements in Vic’s apartment to try and understand why our project deposited the cups there. After a quick inspection, it appears that there are no unusual enchantments in the house. There is a handful of various amulets and household items enchanted for convenience, but they are unlikely to have caused the interference. To further investigate, I set up a variety of instruments in the apartment to monitor any signs of unusual activity, be it magiqal, magnetic, or seismic. In the meantime, I have returned the cups to the R&D lab and the project has resumed.

Results: there appears to be a strange electromagnetic field around VictorianFlorist’s dining table. The table is plain wood and should not be causing the anomalous waves but when the table is moved, the field moves with it. I am unsure as of yet if that is the cause of the cups materializing in his apartment. 3 more teacups made an appearance in the apartment yet Viv hadn’t yet sent a cup through at the time. We are unsure if this is one we sent earlier or if the cups in his apartment is a coincidence and has no relation with our experiments.

Followup: I will be conducting further research and monitoring Vic’s home carefully throughout the remainder of the project. He has generously agreed to let me take a small sample from the underside of the table as well, and will have one of the lab staff check on its composition and ascertain if there are any enchantments on it that I may have missed.


*Correction - He has begrudgingly agreed to let you take a small sample from the underside of the table.

That table is red oak. I rest my case.


Researcher: OracleSage
HELP WANTED: Searching for a Flinterforge adept with a knack for Breath of Creation

Project: Guild Hall Automaton

A golem of sorts, I have designed an automaton that will be able to assist with the heavy lifting it will take in reviving our precious guild halls. He will have multiple features, such as weed whacking (Baligrove that ones for you) and welding (Hoping Flintershop finds that handy). I have crafted a soul, a spell that will give the body its purpose in life, I am now in desperate need of the body. I will bring the materials if you will dedicate the time.


Researchers: @Cj_Heighton

Project: Natural Combination.

Details: Combining multiple forms of natural elemental magic to test and observe the results of such things.

Findings: Please do not combine any spells revolving around growing vines out of nothing with fire magiq. As i have found out, they combine to create sentient angry tendrils of burning vine that seek out and torch the nearest object for the sake of its own revenge. I assure you, it only suffered a little. Its just a vine after all. …isnt it?

Right, also, before i forget. Whoever keeps making fish fly around my apartment, yes its amusing. Stop that.


Researchers: @Cj_Heighton
Project: Natural Combination.
Details: Combining multiple forms of natural elemental magic to test and observe the results of such things.

Findings: This is a response to the previous log. The vines appear to be duplicating now at a rapid rate every time i cast the spell. Every casting of vine and elemental magic seems to make a different result. Half the lab is frozen over due to a single ice based spell being used.
As a result of the danger of this experiment, and the… strange, otherworldly, vaguely fishey results of using vines with water and ice magic i fear to continue this further. I am abandoning this experiment, researchers take caution. In other news; i have started exploring the possibility of combining living things with inanimate objects. I attempted to combine my teacup with a bird, and it sprouted wings, cried out loudly, and disappeared. I assume the teacup is somewhere else now. I wont pursue it, It isnt necessarily very useful. @VictorianFlorist, watch your coffee table for a flying cup.