Magic Affinities


Vivi, this was amazing.


Beautiful story, @Viviane!


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I was inspired by the guild affinities “Assemble Runes” and “Breath of Creation” so I set up this image and made a lil Flinterforge poster :slight_smile:
Might do some more of the guilds soon!


I did Poloriods for the different guild affinities :slight_smile:
(Featuring my travelers coin I found at Triplets Bridge)


More long tales of guild magic! This one first came to me a few days ago, when @grimangel53 was posting about magical objects for the guilds. I was wondering whether Flinterforge recruits would maybe make our own magical items, and then I was thinking about how we would actually teach magic, and connecting the unconnected, and sewing…and then this happened. Let me know if I need to tone down the sewing jargon to make it readable.
(And yes, there is a sewing machine called ‘Oscar’. Google it if you don’t believe me.)


honestly, i feel like each guild would have a couple items they make themselves.
Like the Ebbie’s Bow would be made by the initiate.

Flinters would definitely be more prolific about this, but such is the way of the guild.


after reading both my own and @Deyavi’s views on Grim’s Convergence, I feel like each affinity might present itself different for each person.
Like one version of Convergence involves helping to absolve spirits, another helps set people into their places within the order of the golden balance.

maybe its the same with other ones as well.


or maybe we can see the affinities as they are, and use them to our own ways. Like I see it as seeing the convergence of paths, where something will go and where they should be in the living order, and the same magic can be used internally to act as a medium to bring order and balance to the dead.

Like Dey’s thought of being a medium, by being the convergence between the different worlds, that of mundane and magiq, of living and dead. that’s internal. helping teh dead move on, and giving them peace, brings balance and order back to the worlds of the living and the dead, piece by piece.
and placing people in teh right place, right time, also helps bring the balance back to the world of living and dead. as it can prevent chaotic death and lead to peaceful life.

I feel like makepeace would factor heavily into both a bit.

I may also be overthinking this.


Which Goss affinity should I write about?


I’m personally really curious about Therapeutics and Call to Hearth though, Oracle, if you have some light to shed…


I did a little bit on Call to Hearth above.


Ill whip something up Viv, I started a story for Call to the hearth ages ago but never got around to publishing it. Augo did an awesome story on it too, I think its on this thread somewhere.


Oh, I think I found it! It’s so lovely!


Other than The Affinities of the Guilds themselves, what do you seem to have an affinity for when casting spells, weaving magiq, or just forming small enchantments?

I seem to play a lot with rhyme, poetry, and music. I also have a tendency to draw sigils and symbols, cast runes, and forge things from different runes and script characters.