Magic Affinities


I think I may have used some evolutionary myeti magics while I was working on the guild familiars.

The details are in the familiars post!


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Many Hands

This is not a spell. It is, however, the magiq equivalent of a catalyst.
Thought to originate from the collective consciousness and creativity of the Aboriginal Dream time myths, the full title of this is actually “Many hands make work light” which has fallen into common parlance and been misquoted for millennia.

When employed correctly, the circle of light, physically created round the task being done ensures that an increase in participants is only beneficial, and that the participants work in better harmony. This is often completed by singing a round, like “Frere Jacques” where each participant is building on the lines of the previous singer.

Many Hands can also be used to enhance or create light, since, with change of use over time, the title can be read as Many Hands make light. This often occurs as a side effect of great team work in the fields of magiq and creativity.


So after throwing out like a bazillion ideas for this one affinity, I finally just sat down and wrote this one.

Interview (Faulton Fray’s Decay).docx (127.6 KB)

Features a bit of Charm and Deception, as well!


Here we are. Another unaware Ebenguardian, guided by Magiq.

Tooru of Ebenguard (Grim’s Convergance).docx (17.7 KB)


I love this perspective! A crazy awesome take on how a Power can be dangerous, even when used by someone who doesn’t necessarily mean evil.

It really captivates the imagination, too.


That was incredible.


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Amazing! I always wondered what Grim’s Convergence did. This is an excellent take on it.


This is sort of a spur of the moment story. Basically it’s my interpretation of FAULTON FRAYS DECAY. Also one little hint of the CHARM and DECEPTION spells. Basically it’s the imagining of what it would be like for a just barely maturing Balimoran teen. How he might not know what his powers are or how exactly to control them. He’s just living with them for now. Dealing.
He spins the stones in his hand. Twisting them between each finger. He’s gotten good at it. So good he can do three at a time with ease.
He knows he shouldn’t do it in public. Kids will look at him weird. The one who believes in magic rocks they’ll say. That’s alright. That’s never bothered him. The stones do their job. The numbers too. The order of it. Calms him. And sometimes they keep it at bay.
Even now he feels it happening though. That tingle in his hand. Like a little tug. But he hopes it remains​ just that. A tingle
What was that. A stronger tingle. But this wasn’t his hand it was the rock. He swears he felt it tremble just the slightest.
There it was again. This time it lasted longer.
“Teach, can I got to the restroom”
She says no. Of course she says no. Now they are all buzzing just a little.
“It’s an emergency”
He does that thing. With his eyes. He knows he can go now. And he’s already gone.
Fourteen steps to the rest room. Seven if he takes longer strides.
And he does​ of course. By now the stones are shaking violently. He can barely keep them in his hand now.
Last stall on the right.
It’s the biggest one and no one ever goes for it because the toilet doesn’t flush. He made sure it didn’t.
He’s freaking out now. They’ve never reacted so strongly before. His mind is rushing. He must have 7 minutes till the end of class. He closes his eyes.
Silence. Not a sound. And the stones stopped moving.
He opens his hand ever so slowly. One by one each of them floats up to his eye level.
Damn. They didn’t work.
He shuts his eyes tight and goes into fetal position.
The room trembles. And then it begins to fall apart.
Each tile breaks off the wall. the floor heaves and cracks. The hinges rust and break off of the door. The door it self begins to erode and the ceiling begins to fall around him.
Everything around him falls to ruin.
And when he opens his eyes. everything is normal. No evidence of the mass decay that had happened right before. No evidence that it truly happened except for the stones. One by one they fall to rest in his hands.
He leaves the stall. and then the restroom. Hurried. Stones in hand twisting and twisting.


Before I forget:

Pardon my intrusion, Balimorans, but I was thinking about the Uproot affinity as the ability to transplant matter (like a person) to anywhere across spacetime. Chaos in Nature.

And I was thinking about Time Shift as the ability to create loops, or to travel back or forward in time briefly, which would have the consequence of forcing others to experience time more quickly or slowly depending on how far back or forward you “jumped.” So when you have a day that feels like it just drags on forever, it’s because a Thornmouth* is using Time Shift to make leaps back or forward in time.


Interesting thoughts on Uproot.@Deyavi I just now had the thought of it as a having the ability to bring things to “life.” Plants could turn into walking, seeing, more conscious things, taking the life they have and turning it into something more. Imagine an army of oak trees backing up a Balimoran Combat Mage as they stride into battle, followed by the tall redwoods. The power could even be used on things that do not have “life.” Dirt, mud, sand, stone all able to be turned into golems. Golems could toil tirelessly in fields, march into battle, or transport goods. I really do like what you said, I haven’t thought about Uproot that way and could certainly see it used to move matter. I’m thinking the longer the distance, the harder it is to transport, and the larger the object of transportation, the harder ot is to transport. So it would be extremely hard to move a skyscraper across the country, but it would be more feasible to teleport a human or two that distance. Maybe it could be used to bring some huge building to the ground. What if someone were to move the bottom 6 feet of the entire building about 6 inches to the right? The whole thing would lose structural integrity, and fall. Maybe it could be used in battle(though I prefer using the Bestiary Arts for such things, it’s my favorite practice), one could literally pick up the ground under an enemy. You have given me many ideas on applications for Uproot now, whereas before I did not think of it as important as my other affinities.


welp. i certainly got out written. but thats no surprise when it comes to Deyavi


Natalie of Ebenguard (Sand and Stone Scrying).docx (18.5 KB)


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Practice makes perfect.


So I figured I would contribute a story about the Weatherwatch, so here’s my first story about the affinity called “Unanchored.” I hope you all enjoy! Also, sorry, it’s a bit long.

Niccolo Unanchored Weatherwatch Magiq Affinity.rtf (437.4 KB)


So I guess it took the gravitas of breaking time to help me finish this up. Here’s a bit inspired by Flinterforge’s “Breath of Creation.” Hopefully I set the Google Drive link correctly…