Magic Affinities


Any chance you wrote ukulele chords for it?


Unfortunately not, just a melody that came to mind when I was writing the lyrics, but if you give me a while, I was actually planning to make a little recording, so I could give you the chords once I actually know them myself, if you’d like! :grinning:


I’d love that! Please do:)


Okay, so I got a bit carried away with the “little recording”, it might have gotten a little out of hand. :sweat_smile:

@OracleSage, the chords go:

Gsus4                 Bb     F
Feel the pulse of The Common Drum
   Gsus4           F    E
It beats inside of everyone

And it kind of just follows that pattern throughout. :slight_smile:


@RootNotes, did you take the file down? It was gone when I tried to check it out.


Nope, it’s still up, just switched it from private to public, so it should be working now


Can’t wait! I’m gonna try to play it this weekend!


I’m thinking about Weatherwatchs Navimancy, I think that would be a skill kind of like that one power where you can see further down hallways and around corner even if you aren’t yet around it, Basicaly a increased vision power.


Interesting! I have always assumed it came from Navigation, and was some sort of traveling magic.



Great work here! I keep coming back to this.



My theory is the more intelligent the creature is easier it is to shift to it, because it would be easier to shift back from.

If you start off with something like a squirell or rabbit, or something else or little intelligence, the harder it would be to take back your human form thus resulting in you being stuck as said creature.


Choreomancy is the magic of movement, even cardistry. It could be drawing, weaving, drumming or a sacred dance. No where does it say the dance has to use the whole body or even the feet. What if we could use our hands to dance or draw, commanding energy as they sway or trace?

Speaking of cardistry, card reading requires the movement of cards, could that also not be a power of gossmere? I own a Tibetan singing bowl, people find it so soothing when I play it.


I’ve also been thinking about Gossmere’s Communion Magic. Our guild talks about drums a lot, the song of our hearts as one, as well as the interconnectedness of all life. What if if we could reach out through feeling (with our hearts) to communicate with and understand people, animals and all beings that are alive.

Ritual to Hear the Heart Song of Another

Close your eyes and breathe deep, focusing on your own heart. What do you hear (feel). From your heart, allow your awareness to spread out into the space around you. Can you feel the energy building and flowing into your arms and hands? Can you feel the need to move them?

Raise your arms and open them up, as if you are ready to receive. Now bring them down, overlapping your hands over your chest. Again raise your arms and open them up, as if you are ready to receive. Do this 3 times

Now place your dominate hand over your chest and your other hand down by your side. Move your dominate hand from your chest to the chest of the person you wish to connect with. Do this 3 times as well, ending by placing your dominate hand back on your chest.

The bridge has now been made and opened, you have used a thread from the Web of life to temporarily connect you to this person. Their heart’s song is now yours to hear and understand. What is their heart telling you?

Please only preform this with the permission of the other person and respect their personal space.if they do not desire to be touched, hover your hands above the necessary space and a connection will still be made. This is a very deep and intimate experience, as such, only preform it with those you trust.


This is so beautiful, LightofLife! Thank you for sharing.


Very Nice!


A Gossmere Story

She placed the last log into the iron cradle in the fireplace. Below it, kindling was strewn with the last hardy herbs from the Autumn garden. The alder wood longs we’re pricey, but she new it was worthwhile. She’d leave a comment about the cost on the Amazon seller’s profile after all was said and done.

She glanced over to the hospital bed set up in the makeshift ward that was her living room. Plastic bins of gauze, tape, and other supplies littered the floor by the picture window. His color had worsened. The cancer was discovered too late for her to fight it, so she sang songs to ease his pain between doses of liquid morphine, given by the hospice nurses 'round the clock. She did what she could with what she had available, nothing more and nothing less.

Nobody had heard from Joseph, her son, in a few weeks. He certainly hadn’t answered his phone when she had called yesterday. She turned her attention back to the fireplace and to each of their favorite childhood toys set on the hearth before the wood: Joseph’s bear, Diana’s doll with its vanishing-milk bottle, and finally Thomas’ wooden train. She stretched her hand out over the logs, simultaneously reaching inside for where her power lay, warm and steady. She drew her hand back when she felt the heat of the flames and heard the crackle of the kindling. They would each know, without a doubt, that it was time to come home.


Applied Choreomancy: Combatives

This magical affinity held by members of the Gossmere is not exclusive to the passive arts of dance and performance. Indeed, the term choreomancy stems from the ability for a practicing Choreomancer to demonstrate an unparalleled degree of control over the biomechanics of themselves. This not only holds for beauty, but has its practicality in the martial arts as well; many Gossmere who take to the path of a warrior within their guild often train in the Choreomancy and Therapeutics affinities exclusively after having established a basic proficiency in all of the guild’s magics. Gossmere combatives, or Ibis in via (literally “Owl’s Way”), is a balanced system consisting of elements that can be found today in Gung Fu, Kodakan Judo, and Gracie Jiu Jitsu. The elements of Ibis in via related to Gung Fu are typically only used as a last resort; the Gossmere are taught principally to take down and subdue an opponent with minimal harm.



Gossmere warriors are pretty badass;)

I prefer to just stay by the hearth and heal the fallen most of the time though


@Torli I think you might be an Ebengard. Or at least a polyguild.