Magic Affinities


Thinking about this playlist and I’m reminded of guild communion magiq…


So ‘Call to the Hearth’ I’ve spoken of it little but I’m extremely fascinated by it. Now the Gossmere May be selfless, helpful, empathetic, but they do not forget the individual. It’s not like the dystopia movies you watch where if you are part of the system you must first give up your personality. In Gossmere we embrace our diffrences, bring them together and smile and laugh and glimpse at each other’s souls.
That is call to the hearth, to me atleast.


Thornmouths primary abilities stem from knowledge itself, the incarnation of all knowledge being the Mindflame.

Time Shifting - From context it appears to mean the ability to manipulate time. This is reflected in our rare, innate incantation that is The Night of Endless Learning. When this incatation is utilized nighttime hours are extended to permit more reading to be achieved.

Philosomancy - These two are concepts not concrete.

Philo, denoting a liking for a specified thing, and mancy, divination by a specified means. From this context it can be inferred that this is divination by by use of favorite objects.

Edit: Philo, referring to something concerning exisitence, as in Philosphy and mancy as in magic. So the magic of existence.

OR classification for literary and mental magiqs.

Second Mind - Maybe use of the mindflame as an extension of the mind. That’s my best guess for this one.

Astral Thinking - Astral Projection, Out of body experiances, Bells cited traveling to the lighthouse in her dreams last night.

Tome Kindling - Capablity of “reading” books in third person. Travelling into the book and observing/interacting with the story.

Peering Arts - All other divination methods.

Those are my best guesses.


Philosomancy seems (to me) to stem from “philosophy” as a whole, the word meaning “love of knowledge/wisdom.”

My assumption is that philosomancy is the core of Thought magiq, and one of the more general terms of magiq.

That said, the guide mentions a philosomancy mishap in which one turns themself into a book during a botched verbafuge spell. I’m not sure if that supports either argument more, but it’s the best hint we’ve got.

That’s just my take on it, though. I could be wrong


This was the most Thornmouth post I’ve read lol!


isn’t philisomancy in the magiq guide, and don’t you get turned into a book if you botch it?


That was that spell specifically that was botched that doesn’t give us enough of an idea of what type of magic Philomancy.


Well it comes from the greek root word philos which means loving maybe its a type of love magic lol :joy: (btw this is a joke, just in case you thought I was serious)


But there is philosophy, which is the study of the human mind, not the study of love.


Philosophy is eggsactly what I thought when I saw philomancy!


You might be confusing philosophy with psychology


I am confusing that. It’s the study of existence. Whoops.


Yeah I thought philosophy was the study of like… knowledge and reality. Psychology is more of a polyguild (is that a good word for it?) subject. I see it being popular with Thornmouths and gossmeres.


True, many Gossmere study psychology and sociology in school, as some follow a path of healing hurt minds.


Hey guys, I just kind of whipped this up real quick. It’s just my interpretation of some of the Thornmouth abilities.

He rushed into the darkest corner of the glum apocrypha in which he now found himself. His classmates… (friends?) whatever they were, were dead. That… thing had killed them. Destroyed their very being. He needed a way out. Don’t Panic, he thought to himself. And soon, something came to mind. He was, after all, a Thornmouth. A born thinker.

Sitting down, he crossed his legs, and began to concentrate. After a while, he began to hear the thump of that creature’s inhuman feet grow closer, and ever closer. His concentration went unbroken, and as soon as he felt that creature at the nape of his neck, he felt himself whisked away.

He had done it! The Time Shift had worked! He was back with his friends, but the creature was still there, still right in front of them. Before it could lift one of its malicious limbs with the intent to harm anyone, he focused on the pages of books strewn about the area, hands outstretched. The scripts began to smoke, and then burst into flames, creating a whirlwind of fire around the creature, and then, it was no more. The Tome Kindling subsided. He had saved his friends… at least this time.


working on more, cause this reinvigorated me


Does anyone have any spells or potions to regrow hair?.. Don’t ask.



Choreo can be linked to choreography, coming from the Greek “khoros”, meaning dance. Between this, and the mention of curative songs within the Guide, it seems that this Magical Affinity is the use of music and dance to perform magic. As a musician, this is the affinity that has the most of a draw to me, and as such, I wanted to write a short song about Choreomancy to convey its overall spirit.

However, melody and rhythm are pretty difficult to convey through text, so I guess that makes this a poem.

Feel the pulse of The Common Drum
It beats inside of everyone
Inside our chests there is a spell
That flows and twists and twirls and swells

Our power comes from dance and song
It heals the weak, and mends the strong
We move in time, we sing as one
And through the music, our will is done

So heal the flesh and strengthen bone
Together we are strong as stone
So join the chorus and you will see
The power of Choreomancy


Fantastic work, @RootNotes!


Good thing I’m a Thornmouth. If someone’s wellbeing relied on me dancing, they would have no hope.

Awesome work, though! That’s really really cool :smiley: