Magic Affinities: Thornmouth


The linked guide below lists these as Thornmouth affinities

Time Shifting
Second Mind
Astral Thinking
Tome Kindling
Peering Arts

Thornmouth Descriptor

Is there any codified description or guidance on these or written stories of use to look back to from our history that could be linked? I am still reading Flora & Fauna so apologies for ignorance. It is my understanding that these abilities help define our guild and how we move about the Magiq universe.


Have you ever felt a single night stretch endlessly on and on, as you lost yourself within the pages of a fascinating book? Did you realize at the time that you were performing magic, a rare, innate incantation called The Endless Night of Learning? You were born with a gift, a light that burns inside you, a fire that feeds on knowledge.

This is the first reference to a spell in the description. Followed by a litany of possibility:

In time you might learn the magimystics to decipher forgotten languages, unravel ciphered texts, piece together the shattered shards of secret ages. You may incite a book to speak its words to you as you coax another to reveal its subliminal subtexts. You will study great magic and learn more than a common mind could ever hope to hold. Knowledge is the ultimate prize in this existence, your life’s reward to find the truth in everything, and to shine all you know down upon the world.

This is just a start but a value to consider.

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As of now we are currently unaware of the uses of each of thornmouths affinities, we have our speculations but no definite information. I’ll link the old speciation thread for you here


I saw that thread too. I was thinking about maybe exploring some narrative examples I can imagine, but I’m worried they’ll get lost in a larger forum and be more useful for those in Thornmouth as we look for ways to enact Magiq in our own stories. They can always grow beyond that and have different variations based on personal experience and need of our characters.

I can post an abridged version there if there is interest for other guilds!

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Noted Abilities of Mastery (not exhaustive or without room for growth, research, or new application with the practitioners imagination, mind, or inquiry)


Tome Kindling

Time Shifting
Astral Thinking
Peering Arts
Second Mind


This assumes an English language origin or at least academic language and awareness for Thornmouth Guild spellcasting and use of magic. Some kind of pneumonic does seem useful.

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Oh I totally agree, the other guilds have their own thread for their affinities so we need one as well!


This also communicates a bridge between Tome Kindling and Philosomancy which I imagine closely related to knowledge and tending of the personal and universal Mindflame.

Tome Kindling adds to the Mindflame which takes a little training of the novice and all practitioners should be able to do. Philosomancy shapes and guides the Mindflame by advanced upper level practitioners for use in personal spells and abstract ideals of the world built with the help of all guilds and their abilities and powers. It requires varying levels of TAPS/PATS/SPAT in order to access Philosomancy as a skill.

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No, wait…T APTS P…Tome Kindling “allows, readies, amplifies” Philosomancy

TAPS/PATS/SPAT could be used to refer to less skilled levels of mastery or even more creative/personal avenues to achieve Philosomancy as they may have more natural ability in other areas. It is still possible but the APTS order is preferred by more formal trainers:

Astral Thinking…Peering Arts…Time Shifting…Second Mind

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Listed below are the six guild pages from the Guide.

This is also important for reference as we think of relationships between the guilds and affinities. Just because an affinity exists in an area doesn’t mean there isn’t accessibility in other ways.

Weathermancy, for example, may intersect with Time Shifting if used to avoid a storm or escape inclement weather even if that affinity cannot directly create the weather it avoids.

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TK is the ability to take in and absorb knowledge, primarily through the written word. It’s name also describes early manifestations of ability: books seeming to burst spontaneously into flame as they are being read by the reader who has now magically absorbed its contents. The most egregious example in recorded history destroying the most important repository of ancient knowledge at the time, the Library of Alexandria.

The dangers of Tome Kindling greatly increase in direct sunlight. Reading when the sun is highest and hottest in the sky is not recommended. Befriending someone gifted in weathermancy and cloud cover may also be helpful.

The digital age, mindfulness, and visualization have given way to less dangerous forms of TK. If practitioners hold a totem like a flash drive, familiar, or a writing implement that knowledge can be stored their for later use or fed directly into the Mindflame with proper practice. This spell also kindles the Mindflame and adds to its brilliance where those gifted in Philosomancy can use that knowledge for research, study, and creation of other Magiq applications.

It is theorized that digital readers utilize this particular Magiq for commercial use and explain Thornmouth’s well-formed endowment.


Note: TK and Neurodiversity

This affinity does not always look like one thing. Some are able to collect knowledge or experiences in other ways. Most notably for those with autism or other neurological disabilities that cause that collection to look a different way than is modeled by most practitioners. Though it may require the use of a gifted and empathic practitioner of Second Mind in order to interpret and untangle. It is untenable to leave any knowledge untapped and inaccessible for others who are able to use and manipulate Magiq in other ways due to difference. Accesibility is just another creative use of Magiq and mind for a Thornmouth.



AT most often seems like telepathy in the present but requires a kind of informed consent with the minds involved if magiqal but there is some leeway with those outside. A level of relational vulnerability must persist to hold and maintain the connection though it has sometimes been possible to make a connection in extreme circumstances.

AT can also be used to mine personal memories or those of others. Though it often requires more intense focus and meditative space. You can metaphysically explore the boundary of your own memories in your mind. Some may even be able to project memories or thinking on other minds for some benefit, use, or even destruction. Some have even successfully switched consciousness, but it is exceedingly difficult to reverse if maintained for too long.

This also explains why most examinations in Thornmouth Guild are not multiple choice and administered in rooms where AT spells are not possible

Magic Affinities


The ability to see through others eyes often through the use of reflective surfaces. Narcissus is thought to be the first recorded instance of the Peering Arts though the story has often been molded to show vanity instead of its magiqal roots. Many Thornmouths use this skill in more self-serving ways at events and concerts instead of its intended use for surveillance and gathering knowledge for more practical purposes. Many lustful youths often try to perfect this affinity early, but such reasons are not enough to hold the Magiq for long even if it is achieved. It requires a firmer grasp to hold often attached to knowledge. The transcription of a historical moment, mental or otherwise, to be added to the Mindflame.


Time Shifting abbrev. TS

TS can sometimes be mistaken for weathermancy and often were in earlier times as it often requires the use of a timepiece totem. The first of which were sundials. Still, it is easier to Timeshift with analog timepieces rather than digital as they often have more complex uses that can interfere with Magiqal focus. Practitioners can move backwards or forwards in time. The greater the time passed in either direction the greater the risk.

It is better to have a timepiece set aside specifically for this purpose as they contain a memory of Magiq. A timepiece passed down through many generations holds great value and may be able to carry the user farther back in time as a result.

It is most often used in simple redos or to avoid disaster but other disasters can be created as a result if a practitioner is not careful.



SM has some similarity to AT but it has more dimension and range requiring larger depth of consent and often a blood bond as seen in twins or relatives though it can be constructed in more magiqal ways. It is often used to help untangle muddled thoughts or emotions and requires a certain level of empathy and understanding. Knowledge is more than information, it is emotion and mind and metacognition and decision making.


Heya @Presley

I came up with these as a proposed summary of sorts. I think we’re on to some similar ideas.
Magical Affinities - Thornmouth Summary

I love your totem suggest, a link to the time would make it easier and maintains the Time Travel rule of thumb that to go to the future is harder than to the past.

I’m not sure I follow your link to weathermancy, could you maybe explain that one more?

Regarding astral thinking and second mind I do wonder if these are more separate classes of magic, or if as you suggested and second mind is a subgenre of astral thinking. I wasn’t really sure how or what astral thinking is but your description of second mind sounded very similar to descriptions of astral projection.

I don’t know… I feel like the affinities listed are categories(or at least Thornmouth they all seem like different areas to me).
The guild has an affinity for science, and various members specialise in microbiology, astral physics, quantum theory. Or the guild has affinity Astral thinking with members specialising in different areas of projection, eg out of body(OoB) in current world, OoB and into anothers body, OoB and into memories. OoB and into alternative dimensions.

Does that make any sense?
Your second mind description reads like a speciality/specific application of your astral thinking description.


Hey @Sapphire

I responded earlier in message form but Time Shifting may seem like weathermancy because the weather changes too, but that is a consequence of time not magiq.

I agree with what you said about SM and AM. I do like the idea of these as categories and more of an umbrella for other skills too.


I’ll try to use language in a way that keeps it more open to engagement. I’m not an authority, these are just ideas around the affinities provided and as @Sapphire suggested their could be many different subcategories to each one:

Philosomancy or PH

Concerns the magiqal application of knowledge contained in The Mindflame. How this manifested itself can be very different depending on the practitioner, intention, and the knowledge accessed.


A strong bond of AT can be achieved between two persons (or more, I’m not entirely sure) through physical markings (example; scarring or tattoos) preferably the same marking in the same or joining areas. It requires less effort/level of concentration to contact a bonded persons mind and even great distances are overcome this way.


These markings could also be used to identify specialty groups within Thornmouth.