Lord of the Rings Online


Does anyone here play LOTRO? Ive been wanting to start an in game guild for a while just for questing and hanging out with friends but i have no idea if anyone really plays it xP

if you do play, post your username, world, race and class. If nothing else, might as well have a sick conversation about the game itself.


I haven’t played LOTRO in a long time, but been meaning to get back into it. Got a bit bored questing alone. I think my best character was a lvl 24 Lore-Keeper Elf, no idea what world though. Got other character floating around somewhere also. Think I last checked it out after the Mordor expansion to check out the new race and starting scenes. Would be cool to get back in!


mh! i play eldadan(LONGSTORYAHHH), im about lvl… idk, 52?

in terms of class, race, etc im playing a standard elf ranger, focus on yellow line (trapper). World wise, im in crickhollow at the mo’, but im planning on making a transfer to landroval eventually.

Atm im all the way out in angmar, but im not able to quest there rn due to not being able to buy the expansion. I mean, why DO they do that, anyways? why not just pull a WoW and release game expansions as more expensive continent sized areas, rather than blocking off every tiny area


I mean, I can kinda underdstand why they’re doign it. Only so much Middle-Earth to go around, whereas WoW can just keep creating new random stuff that’s apparently been there the whole time. I don’t know, I prefer it to a subscription type revenue cause at least if you wanted you could just play in the lower areas and have fun as just an RPer or something. meh

My game also probably needs a serious update…

Edit: So apparently I can persuade people in my community to check it out also. Fancy starting over with them? I’d have to do so anyway as I don’t think i can transfer across to NA cause I was on Evernight.


Im 100% down to start a toon.


Awesome! I got one friend confirmed in, and 3 others looking at it, with maybe another interested. Two of them gonna take a bit to download/install, so I’ll give you a heads up when/if they’re in so we can discuss a world. If we want, we can use discord to play. All the others are in my stream community discord. I can send a link your way if you’d like? Same goes for anyone else that wants to join! :smiley:


Totally, drop the link here or dm me x3 anyone else wanna join in? Im looking at you, @Rimor @Griffin xD


I’ve played a bit of it, but can’t ever seem to get anywhere in the story.


If you start a toon with me and nim ive gotten to book 4 or 5 now so we can help you along.


What’s this?


https://discord.gg/c9fa6qe is our discord link :slight_smile: All of you are welcome to join us. We’re all a little mad over there, and there are a lot of us (like, a lot a lot), but just say hi! :smiley:


Okay! Looks awesome!