Lion's Heart Dispatch: 4/20/20

Ding ding ding @AugustAbel, great work! Yuri just confirmed that it’s definitely Crew Collective & Cafe’. Apparently there’s still a hidden vault there, with what the shrine keeper believes is another icon of “Elainnor Heavenwielder”.

So we’re one down, and one to go.

Port says that there is definitely something “theatrical” about the bookstore, but Shakespeare & Company doesn’t ping for Yuri. Is there another option? I’m doing a little digging too, but the weather hasn’t been very accommodating for satellite or solar this week.

And @Robert, I love that theory. :eaveshug:


Seems a little too on the nose but La Librairie Théâtrale, it’s located near operas and other theaters so it would explain the singing. Located on Rue de Marivaux which like a lot of Paris streets are covered in trees. There’s also Berkeley Books of Paris, can’t be Abbey Bookshop because Ashburn already said that one.


I’m not much help in the “finding places” department, but it’s really nice to hear from you so often. I’m glad you’ve got some modern conveniences set up now.


I’m not sure if it’s been said, but Librairie Jousseaume is supposed to be bigger on the inside than the outside? A review I found said it had “a real bookstore-of-secrets vibe.”

Le Coupe-Papier is one of the few bookstores dedicated to theater: Le Coupe-Papier | Shopping in Odéon, Paris


I also noticed Librairie Théâtrale is near the Paris Opera. That would very much explain people walking by singing. Right now that’s my vote. And the nearby Boulevard Des Italiens is definitely tree-lined.


Well, it turns out that Librairie Théâtrale has secret access to a catacomb where something apparently connected to the Elainnor story is hidden.

You did it, Mountaineers. Again. Yuri can sense the leylines between the four locations now, and Port can see the shrine keepers. Together they’re beginning to see the purpose behind the shrines, and what’s really in them… they’re working on making sense of it as I type. As soon as I can connect again, I’ll follow up.

Hearts to you all.


“The moment the letter was free from Ed’s skin, it was real.”



Twelve words. All of the other key phrases have been seven. (Unless this is different because it’s a sub-part, not the beginning of a full part.)

Dangit, another theory shot.

Edited to add: Maybe not. I’m going to with not.


I’m definitely crying.

Also fantastic job everyone!! (and now I’ve got a huge list of foreign bookstores to put on my bucket list and obsess over)