Lachmann: The Fourth Fragment: The Second Trial


I think we need more of Brandon’s story, or his environments.


I don’t know whether the links were there earlier, because I just interpreted the text, but now on Brandon’s Worlds page, several of the words, like “imaginative” link to another page

This page has 3 countdown timers - two are expired, the third is at 2 days (looks like a 7), 6hrs 32 mins (and some seconds)


Those links have been there for quite a while. Each of the sets of timers were one of the trials we had to do. and it seems like we have 2 days and a bit to complete the next one which im assuming is the puzzle on the Book of Briars page


Aye, the last timer ends on the anniversary of when Brandon left on his journey to be free of this world. October 29th, I believe at 3:33pm. Something big happens then.


Maybe thats the day he actually comes through to our timeline. if the theory that he’s been between realities is confirmed


The Devoted did tell us that we would need someone in the city on Oct. 29th.


Hey everyone sorry about not posting the Cloisters stuff. I’m so dumb. Here it is.


I looked it up and apparently it’s the ISBN-10 to AIA Guide to New York City? And the AIA is the American Institute of Architects


Good find. Usually we take the ISBN and make it into a link but the Devoted seem to be ignoring us due to our “betrayal” so I don’t know if we have any use for it (as of now).