Lachmann: The Fourth Fragment: The Second Trial


I imagine they will be about the same, since they are called the same thing. Just look for a coin shaped or flat circle object when you are there, @H3RM3S, if you can be.


Sure thing! After school I can head over there.


I’ve never been to the Cloisters before! This will be fun.


Take pictures for the folks at home :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Sure thing. I’ll take a bunch. But where do we think it is?


I dunno, probably somewhere hidden in the Unicorn Tapestries room. Saying there is so many people, if it wasn’t well hidden it would’ve been taken by now


Got it. I’ll head there tomorrow


Well crap, this doesn’t look good.


Well that hurts the ol’ eyes


:scream: WTF!!!??? What does that all mean?


maybe we should take down the runes and hold onto them, should they be of use later.


The first trial directory is empty. Some pictures are back to pre changed versions. Has anyone heard from the devoted? I’m sure if they did something great to cause this they’d love to brag about it.


I think I am going to create a document that correlates them to regular typeface. It is just a hard to read font I believe, but if we don’t have a reference point in the future, it could be difficult to read (should this ever happen again)


Okay hold onto your horses, this is what I got from The Devoted:

We are close to completing the third trial.
You are still behind.
You must catch up.
We can all work together.
New materials have been provided.


Seriously though, they couldn’t have picked a better font? This thing is ugly. I am only a third of the way through the alphabet and my eyes already hurt


Oh goodness… That’s some font. @_@

Oh! Btw, @H3RM3S - did you manage to get to the cloisters? Got any pictures for us?


That font is crazy, maybe theyve hidden something in all that


So, it appears to just be a font. Highlighting everything and pasting into notepad gives:
Welcome to Brandon’s Page Our beloved Brandon left us in the Fall of 1986. As we approach the 30th anniversary of his passing I wanted to share my journey with others.Grief is a strange gift. It is a process of learning as well as of coping. For us the grieving process didn’t begin immediately. Our son was missing for months before they discovered what happened to him. Months of waiting, of limbo. Even though we knew in our hearts that he was gone, we held on to a piece of hope that he would come back to us. They finally found his body the following February and we could begin to heal. There is a special sort of pain that you discover as a grieving parent. This site is my way of helping others by sharing our story. I also hope it brings me much needed closure. As much closure as is possible under these circumstances.In these pages we’ll celebrate Brandon’s short life as well as tell the story of my own journey towards peace. When I have time I’ll be setting up the blog. I really hope it helps other people. Every step we’ve made in rebuilding our lives feels like a move in the right direction. Even when we’ve felt that we’ve been moving backwards. Every step is useful.Brandon would have been 11 years old on November 13th, 1986. This year, on the 29th of October, the last time he left home, we will put the ghosts of our past to rest while forever keeping Brandon alive in our hearts.This website is named after one of his favorite books, and it is also the perfect way to illustrate how the grief of a mother feels.Susan Lachmann3rd October 2016 Brandon was always sketching things like this for his role-playing games.
Home Page Brandon’s story Brandon’s worlds Advice about grief

(The last line is the links at the bottom)


I did something similar to that with all the other pages, nothing stuck out, its just meant to confuse us and/or make things more difficult for us.


The book of briars puzzle someone else found refers to a story. I am at work now, but betting either The Forest of Darkening Glass or one of the other stories mentioned has the info.