Lachmann: The Fourth Fragment: The Second Trial


Yikes! we gotta get moving with this…


We really seemed to be stumped here. We don’t have a lot done… We need to catch up.


Problem is, how? All the leads we have seem equally legit. We can’t figure out which frog, which owl… I think we might just be too dumb for this one.:laughing: (kidding, of course!). For the first time it’s not that we don’t have enough information, I think we may have too much.


Lol we could just email all the possibilities! It might be cheating but hey, one of them as got be right, haha
For real though, we may just have to choose one or two likely answers and run with it. Similar to the situation with the tiles. I emailed one solution, and Tom emailed another. Since mine was the right one, they emailed me back a response.


Guys. the map that @Tom grabbed was one of the subway system. If my memory serves, there are A,C, F, and G Trains in the subway. Maybe begin there? use the map to map out which stations we need to hit? Maybe?

Just WMG, at this point anyway. I’m still trying to catch up.

Also hi. i’ve been lurking a bit, and keeping up to date on whats going on. hope to get into the mystery a bit more.

Ebenguard, Its what we’re missing. Apparently.


It’s worth a shot. anything is at this point.
(edit) Sorry about the grumpy. My brain hurts :weary:


Any help is good help at this point!


thank you!

i would check to make sure we have the right trains, but it should be good.


Great idea!

Do we think that there is any connection to the subway lines and the map on Forest of Darkening Glass. All the places in the extract relate to this locations map, so I wonder if the lines are a clue there too? Also - I guess we know now why one of the points on the map has no place name on it.


The Devoted emailed:

We are ahead.

You have 24 hours remaining for the second trial.

You can still follow The Timeline.

The disc led us to new materials.

We will share the materials only if you find the disc.

We will continue with or without you.

The Timeline must be kept at all costs.

Fourth Fragment: The Secret Mission Part Two

Sorry, been a busy weekend over here. I’m pretty sure I know how to solve this, or at least a fair guess, but I totally lack the skills. I’ve been trying with the spare time I’ve had with gimp but it;s really slow and frustrating because I know squat about image manipulation. Having a cranky 11 month old wandering about learning to walk isnt helping either. Even typing all this took me 20 minutes.

Here’s what I think we need.

  1. Get a map of new york city that matches Brandon’s maps in size and orientation like @Tom did. Putting a grid matching the grid from Brandon’s map with the same size, scale and position would be a huge help too (Tried for 30 minutes and can’t figure it out.)

  2. They keep mentioning animals so let’s use the notable animal statues we’ve found as potential start points.

  3. Overlay each of Brandons maps on the nyc map until you find one where a square lines up with the start,

  4. The direction arrow on the map probably tells you the direction to start walking. A would be to the left, etc.

  5. Start walking and take turns as defined by the tv episodes on the map you are. Highlight the path you walk on Brandon’s map as you go.

Wizards and warriors (G)

Start - Right - Right - Left - Left - End

Knight Rider (F)

Start - Right - Left - Right - Right - Left - Left - End

Battlestar Galactica ©

Start - Right - Left - Left - Left - LEft - Left - End

Dr Who (A)

Start - Left - Left - Right - Right - Left - Right - End

Once you hit the last turn keep walking straight on the path until you hit an End point.

  1. My guess, and it’s purely a guess, is that the path you just walked, once looked at is significant. It’s a number, or a letter or a constalation or something.

I really, really with I had the skills to pull this off, and I’m going to keep trying, but this will take me all week at this rate.if I don’t give up in frustration first.


Good thinking Robert! Maybe @luxisdead could help with the grid? He’s always been good at the photoshopping biddy-bopping stuff (unlike me!). Maybe the ending points are something important, instead of the path forming something!
Although, now the only problem is, well… Which statues are the right statues, and which statue goes with which maze map thingy?


Hm? yeah I can try! give me a bit, my bootleg photoshop has been freezing a lot lately


“Bootleg photoshop” haha :laughing:


Hey y’all! I had a conversation with @Tom elsewhere and he managed to come up with a map from @Robert’s instructions:

If you then overlay that back on the map this is where we’re looking:

Lady - somewhere between E68th and E64th Street, east of the park
Saint - Between Gold Street and FRD Drive south of Brooklyn Bridge
Angel - between 37th and 33rd St - East of FDR
Sorcerer - around 33rd and Broadway

And the starting animals are:

Owl - Lady
Cat - Saint
Toad - Angel
Mouse - Sorcerer

They’re the same pairings in the pages on the “Traveller’s Guide to the Isles of Brin.”

I just had to share his brilliant discovery! Now we just need to track down those landmarks.


Nice job @Revenir! First big breakthrough we have had in while. Try not to keep it from us for so long next time :stuck_out_tongue: I had tried a couple times to overlay the maps with potential locations for a couple hours but, wow. You two went way ahead of me! What ended up being the right statues? I may have missed when that was discussed… :sweat:


Haha, sorry about that. We were just having a long conversation about dogs wearing people clothes and suddenly the fragment conversation started spilling over. Definitely will share it faster next time! :sweat_smile:

It seems like the statues are as so:


SOLVED: Fragment Ten: Gladitor : The Office of Kemetic Solutions

Oh my goodness, what am I gonna do with you two troublemakers! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Either way, good work!
Since you (and tom, who seems to be MIA as of late) figured it out, do you want to email the devoted? I’m cool with doing it, but if you want the honor, be my guest :stuck_out_tongue:
Edit: Just took a look at the timer… We don’t have like any time left, time to send this in fast! Hopefully its the end of this “trial” or else we are in biggg trouble!


I know, we’re just two renegade puzzle solvers. Gotta watch out for us! :joy:

Oh, do you want to send it in? I haven’t emailed them before, so you’d probably be more qualified to do it. :slight_smile: Let’s send this bad boy in and hope for the best!


It’s really quite simple to email them. I’m just super serious when I do it ,“We believe that this is the solution” or “We believe we have found X at Y location”, despite how silly I am haha
But don’t worry, done and done!

I guess, now we wait? I’m usually crazy nervous since it takes me awhile to get home (I leave at 3:30, live only 2 minutes away but the parking lot is unbearable), though its probably going to obvious if its right, since we’ll get some new files!