Lachmann: The Fourth Fragment: The Second Trial


Sorry, I meant ‘Burial’. I included Buy Out on the list.



Of course there’s a website dedicated to knight rider episodes. …

Okay added to the list above.

I need to recheck all my work because I’m doing this on little sleep and scrawling it in notepad but that leads me to:

Wizards and warriors

Start - Right - Right - Left - Left - End

Knight Rider

Start - Right - Left - Right - Right - Left - Left - End

Battlestar Galactica

Start - Right - Left - Left - Left - LEft - Left - End

Dr Who

Start - Left - Left - Right - Left - Right - End

Does that buy us anything? Those maps are pretty long and this isn’t very many turns for any given episode to navigate through each map. Maybe all these turns apply to a single map if we put the shows themselves in air order?


I know you said it earlier, but I am just affirming your point. I definitely think you are on to something, with the Start of every show being at the beginning, and the end being at… well… the end. Nice thinking @Robert and nice work compiling this information. I am going to start thinking about how we can apply these to those maps.

Four shows, four maps. Must be a way to apply them.


I make it: Start - Left - Left - Right - Right - Left - Right - End when you add in The Face of Evil episode.

I think this gives us a list, but like you say, which list belongs to which maze? All the mazes are mapped onto the same shape but they’re each different. They also don’t seem to do much if you overlay on top of one another. has anyone been focusing on the meaning of the other documents/writing?


I’ve been focusing a bit on the Seven Tributes of Rochefoucauld.

Other than the fact Rochefoucauld was a French writer in the 17th century and doesn’t seem to be the kind of author Brendon would dig I haven’t found a lot.


Cool - I’ll dig into some stuff later tonight to see if anything triggers off some associations with TV or lists of four etc.


I am not sure we can rule anybody out at this point, considering one of the beacons was the “Giuseppe Verdi Monument”


The hive mind at work is a beautiful thing! Great crowdsourcing this one everybody. I will try to check in maybe update the spreadsheet when possible but the rest of my day is busy. But at this pace i expect those maps to be solved soon!


Holy cow, you guys are on point! Great work everyone!

As far as where to go with the maps, is there a connection with the letters and arrows accompanying each of the four maps?

A ↓
F ↑
G ←
C ↓

The letters don’t seem to correspond with the TV shows, however. Still, this has to be relevant in some way.


First thought was musical notation (efgabcd) but that’s probably not it.


Good observation. Those four notes make an Am7(#5) chord. It sounds very pretty, but I agree. It probably isn’t it what we’re looking for. The letters by themselves could mean music but the arrows are throwing me. But we have an arrow for each direction. Not sure what that means though.


We don’t have an arrow for “Right” or “East” (depending on how you want to look at it). We have two for Down/South, one for Up/North and one for Left/West. That’s the part that is tripping me up


Doh! You’re right. That is a conundrum. I was thinking the four maps may connect somehow but I can’t get them to line up. Maybe the letters and arrows help with that, just not sure how.


@Robert Rochefoucauld is also the name of a high-end Swiss watch from the eighties (there’s a funny scene in Trading Places about one). Got me thinking, the face of the traveler’s disc looks like an astronomical timepiece. And it’s about the size of a large watch face.


Free style random thoughts on the maps.

  1. All 4 of these pieces are the same shape. It might help to orient them all the same way, say with the 90 degree angle in the bottom left like A and F pieces are. That might be misleading though.

  2. Alternatively, the arrows might be telling you which way is North, and the all are meant to be oriented different ways.

  3. (Gets out an extra large tin foil hat for this one) We might have to go 3D with this. Since all these maps have the same shape, they might be different layers of the same network. The ‘Start and end’ might be stairs that link the levels.


Seeing as I haven’t helped much as of late, I tried to this time!
Here’s all of them turned to the same direction. Not sure if its the direction they are supposed to be in, but they all look the same.


Your right! God I didn’t even notice that last night…
How can we figure out what it says…


I’m working on it right now, I’ve got three of the six constellations, I think it indicates a three month time period, or three different months, when the moon is in one of the constellations below it on the disc, but I can’t be sure about that just yet.


I’m putting my money on them being this way round…