Lachmann: The Fourth Fragment: The Second Trial


Okay, here’s what I’ve got.

  • Dr Who
    The Invisible Enemies, City of Death, The Hand of Fear, Robot, State of Decay, The Rescue, Planet of Evil, The Face of Evil

  • Battlestar Galactica
    The Long Patrol, The Young Lords, The Man with Nine Lives, The Living Legend, Greetings from Earth :slight_smile:, The Hand of God, The Magnificent Warriors, The Lost Warrior

  • Knight Rider
    Lost Knight, Hills of Fire, A Good Knight’s Work

  • Horror Movies
    Underworld (1985), Nightmares (1983), Night of Terror (1986), Fright Night (1985)

  • Dungeons and Dragons (Game)
    The Dungeon of Death, Caverns of Chaos

  • Wizards and Warriors (TV show)
    Skies of Death

I couldn’t find anything on Junkyard Dog (except for an 80’s wrestler), The Kidnap, I Am, or Burial.


Amazing work @CRSumner - thank you so much. That looked intense!


Lots of good work! That one mp3 has so much, lol!
I have a few changes to the wonderful list @Leigha did
Knightmares, Fright Knight and Junk Yard Dog are Knight Rider episodes.
Underworld is a Dr. Who episode.
The Dungeon of Death, Caverns of Chaos, Night of Terror and The Kidnap are Wizards & Warriors episodes.
Not sure about I Am or Burial, maybe he is saying something else, hard to hear those two.
Also I made a spreadsheet. If I did it right it is editable.


Random thoughts.

-“It is believed that one sequence of portals will lead the traveler to the inner caves of Jorado himself and there they will be rewarded with untold discoveries”. - I wonder if this is what the directions are meant to lead us to.

-The 5th image which is a corner of a TV Guide. Given that we have a list of television shows I wonder if we’re supposed to find a given week, likely somewhere around October of 1986, where all these episodes are playing at the same time? Perhaps the date of the issue of tv guide, or the cover will give us a clue.

For reference here’s an archive of every TV guide cover ever, centered on 1983 (which is when Wizards and Warriors first aired so it has to be there or later).

Based on the visual information we have, white background, with the ‘GUI’ guaranteed to be complete and unblocked, I’m trying to narrow it down that way.


Well, here’s all the covers from just 1983 that fit the description.

I’ll add that the date of issue is not on the top of the TV guide logo, cause there are quite a few like that.


I checked the TV guide covers, the torn page didn’t come from the cover, but from one of the pages inside. I think it was just there to let us know we were supposed to be looking for TV shows.
The problem with finding the schedule is that Doctor Who and Battlestar Galactica would have been re-runs, and wouldn’t have aired during prime-time, and also it would have been up to the local NBC, ABC, and CBS affiliates what to air during other time slots (late-night, etc.). TV guide listings didn’t always match local listings For example, I’m from the south, so they would be more likely to air reruns of Hee-Haw, The Dukes of Hazzard, etc. We would have to find the full listings (not just prime-time) of the affiliates in NYC that fall.


Ah 80’s hair styles. So young and innocent and poofy.


You’re probably right @Leigha, I’m not sure the corner of the page is that helpful. Sorry, just grasping at straws looking for meaning.


It was worth a shot though, anything could have meaning when it comes to these puzzles!


Nice spreadsheet! Big respect. The only thing that sticks out to me as a Doctor Who freak born in the 70s is that while The Rescue is a Who episode it’s from the 60’s. All the others are from the 70’s. I think this title might belong to one of the other shows.

EDIT: Also the episode is The Invisible Enemy (not Invisible Enemies) - not sure that makes a difference, but I’ma pedant when it comes to Gallifrey.


Four START, four END and four TV shows. So I agree I think this is a set of directions for each of the mazes - So we have the start and the end, now we just have to figure out what order the middle stuff goes. Oh and where it starts - so, yeah. Simple! LOL


I should show you one of my old pics, you’d laugh till you cried. :laughing:
Let’s take a step back and look at the bigger picture. We have Four TV shows Brandon obviously loved and watched regularly. One is about a talking, sentient car that helps its driver become a hero. A time traveler assisted by magical technology. Future space warriors on heroic quests to save the universe. Wizards and warriors I know nothing about, but again themes of magic and heroism. Magic, magical (“neogic”) tech, and heroic warriors.


SO much happened last night I could barely get my bearings today!


Just thought I’d add something I noticed - there are 30 titles and 30 of the left, right, start, ends. Could just be a coincidence though since they are both from the MP3.


There are those 3’s again!


Okay, he’s not saying I Am, but Buy Out, also a Knight Rider episode


To amplify your point about the Start and Ends. Each TV show has one start and one end assigned to it.

Also I believe the air date of the starts for a given show proceed the air dates of the ends for the given show.

My vague guess is that if we break that spreadsheet up by show, and then order them by air date we might get something.

Edit: 5: Squinting at my phone and notepad gave me this list.

Edit: Here’s one show organized by air date:

Wizards and Warriors

The kidnap - Start 3/5/1983
The Rescue - Right 3/12/1983
night of terror - right - 3/19/1983
Skies of Death - Left - 4/9/1983
Caverns of Chaos - Left 4/30/1983
Dungeon of Death - End - 5/7/1983

edit 2:
Knight rider

Knightmares - Start 12/11/1983
A good knight’s work - right - 3/4/1984
Lost Knight - Left - 12/9/1984
junk yard dog - right 2/3/1985
buy out - right - 2/10/1985
Burial Ground - Left -10/25/1985
Hills of Fire - Left 2/14/1986
fright knight - end 3/7/1986

Edit 3:
Battlestar Galacica

The Lost Warrior - Start - 10/8/1978
The long patrol - Right - 10/15/1978
The Magnificent Warrior - Left - 11/12/1978
The young lords - Left - 11/19/1978
The Living Legend - Left - 11/26/1978
The Man with Nine Lives - Left - 1/28/1979
Greetings from earth - Left - 2/25/1979
The hand of god - End - 4/29/1979

Edit 4:
Dr Who

Robot - Start 12/1975
Planet of Evil - Left 9/1975
The Hand of Fear - Left - 10/1976
Face of Evil - Right - 1/1977
The Invisible Enemies Right - 10/1977
Underworld - Left - 1/1978
City of Death - Right - 9/1079
State of Decay - End - 4/1979


According the Wikipedia “The Rescue” is also an episode from Wizards and Warriors - it aired on 12 March 1983


Good cause that 1965 episode was totally harshing my plan trying to make it work for Dr. Who.

I’ve added it to my above list. Looks like we have sets of directions.

We still need to know what show ‘I am’ is for.


I think @Leigha said it’s called ‘Buy Out’ not I am - and it’s another Knight Rider ep

Also - The Face of Evil is a Doctor Who episode (22nd Jan 1977) - and according to @YankeeWhite brilliant spreadsheet it’s a Right.