Lachmann: The Fourth Fragment: The Second Trial


Just got home. Was about to say that the poem was scary as hell but this one wasn’t so bad, was actually kind of fun…

Then I see the pic Leigha posted.
I never saw the two lines. I swear. I only saw one line.


That is fantastic @CRSumner Thanks a bunch! :sunglasses:
Wonder what we’re supposed to do with In Search of Schrödinger’s Cat: Quantum Physics and Reality or if we’re just supposed to inform the Devoted and hope they are nice and provide the next part.
But yeah, multiple realities, crazy stuff!


The code of 2 lines (once turned right side up) looks like 8780332 (or maybe 0780532… or something like that.) and then 125550
I went ahead and turned it for you all.

Maybe you all have a clearer idea of what it says. Assuming CRSumner’s thumb didn’t cover up anything… ^^;
I tried making some of the numbers out from the blurry picture @Leigha gave. I am pretty sure that 125550 is right, though.


Oh! 9780552125550 - ISBN(13 this time) for In Search of Schrdinger’s Cat again.


I wonder why it would go from two lines to one line though. It’s odd. I don’t really see any significance in it.


Very odd and it’s the same book, just the ISBN10 and the ISBN13 numbers.


It is important to note that this might be part of another puzzle. The Devoted said we had to find the travelers disc(or disk, still do not know!), before they would share, and that was it. They seem to be pretty true to their word, so lets just send them that we found it, along with a picture of it. We should get more soon.


Here’s a link to the video as I downloaded it. Skip ahead to the 20 minute mark.


Holy shit. I never saw that. I swear.


Well done Mr. Sumner! I know that the Fraylily thing had you freaked and you didn’t want to do this, but thank you so much for doing so.

Even though we’re reasonably sure it’s the ISBN for In Search of Schrodinger’s Cat, is there anything else it could be? Just want to cross off any other possibilities. Though I’m inclined to think this book is probably the clue we need. I guess now we wait to hear from the Devoted.


Everyone, it’s not an ISBN number.


Oh, awesome. Well done Mike!


Indeed, nice find there. And good job spotting that @Leigha


So, we got a new piece? Do we usually get those outside of the book of briars site? This seems odd.


King rabbits puzzles for the second fragment had a couple extra pieces as well.


Ah, okay. I wasn’t around for all that stuff haha :smiley:


@TheBellsAreRinging, King Rabbit had two “bonus” pieces of the spell for us, which were hidden behind complicated riddles/puzzles. We may have just found another bonus scrap thanks to you, @Leigha, @Kelsey and @Mike.

For anyone who doesn’t know, (puts on nerd hat) the ISBN-13 coding started in 2007. It’s the current form. But anything prior to 2007 was ISBN-10, which was the other number on the back of the disc. More time fluctuations? The scrap code was “now” and the single line, ten-digit code could be the one Brandon left behind.


Should we try that number in the URL?


Yes we should -


Okay, so here is the “old” isbn:

We have more work ahead of us!