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SOLVED: King Rabbit's Burrow: The Second Fragment

Alright, I took the night off and I’m bright eyed and ready to go. Let’s recap.

On we are confronted with two sets of magic words.


*We (and by we I mean other people than me who can actually see things) have gotten the 4 words from the videos. They are EYE, THE, OF and MOONS in that order.

*We have a field laebelled TICK-TOCK that has been sitting there forever asking for magic words. We have all assumed up til now the video words are the key to unlocking that, but it wasn’t as simple as we all hoped.

Random tin-foil hat theories.

EYE THE OF MOONS and TICK-TOCK are both clues to the same puzzle. Perhaps there’s a clock somewhere with moons, or eyes, or both? KingRabbit’s puzzles have almost all focused on art til now. A very fancy artistic clock with some history might be a good start to look for.

Also, all his puzzles til now have focused on art in New York, I’m starting to look there.


We have 4 non-epitaphs for people on the site.

Illustrator Helen Wilde did not die in 1966
Messman Valentine Baker did not die in 1942
Seamstress Lily Wilson did not die in 1901
Brandon Lachmann did not die in 1986

After unlocking the 4th video we got a new request for magic words:


The oldest, but only a child, _______ ________ did not die in ____

Important to note Those blank spaces actually have individual underscores. The first is 7 characters long, the second name is 8 characters long and the blank at the end is 4 characters long (like a year).

Random theories sure to be proven false:

*Somehow the 4 people we know combine into a single person either through wordplay, historical intersection or something else.

*The first puzzle, EYE THE OF MOONS has some detail in it’s solution that ties to a person. This would be a very nice parallel to the previous step where each solution revealed an epitaph. I’m liking this theory the most right now, which means puzzle 1 must be solved before puzzle 2. But that’s just a theory so feel free to ignore it.

And that’s my reservoir of organization for the day. On with the chaos!!!


Hey @everyone… new topic for KR’s remaining passwords.


Today’s random unsettling thought…

For the second clue we’re looking for a name and year of their (not) death. First name 7 characters, last name 8 characters.

Something KR said made me wonder. Deirdre has 7 characters… Do we know what her last name is/was before she found out it was Green? I know it started with ‘B’, but I can’t find any full mention of it from her blog.


I also seem to (mis?) remember reading something about the history of Ackerly Green and someone losing a child. Not sure if that’s correct but when I have time I want to go back and look at the “What we know about Ackerly Green” post on the Basecamp website. Again, I could be misremembering but I just want to double check.


I wonder if there’s any significance in the 4th name not having a “career” or anything like that and just being a name!


I wondered that too. I can’t even find anyone with that name when searching for them.


KR just posted to the Second Fragment Topic and said, “… time is ticking and the treasure I was promised is almost in my (his?) hands.”

Could this reference the xxxxxxxxTick-Tockxxxxxxxx clue on his page?


Totally could be. I’m not clear how, but it is certainly a clock reference.

I have been assuming for a while now King Rabbit had a time table in mind for this. He started posting clues for the 4th magic words before we had even found the 3rd magic words. Also he’s expressed impatience with us over the video.

He has a timeline for all this. I just don’t know for what or why.


I started getting that feeling too, @Robert


Perhaps he’s late, he’s late for a very important date?


Ha! I’d much prefer him frantic and nervous to churlish and patronizing.


The answer is “05280404Tick-Tock02340458” where numbers is a time in video of “EYE OF THE MOONS” fragments


Bloody Brilliant @Piki !


@Piki you genius! Well done!


I’ve been trying Reginald Ackerly 1981 and variations of that for the second one without luck. That’s the only child I think we know about in relation to all this who’s died. It’s the wrong number of characters but I figured was worth a try.


What does it mean when you click on the link after entering the magic word in tick-tock? There was a link to an image of a piece of paper that said “the second draft”


I’m just guessing here, but there are 2 types of handwriting in the fragments. One printed and one more handwritten and flowing like the segment that says ‘second draft’. That might be telling us the handwritten parts are a newer version and take precedence if there’s a conflict.


So the sixteen Xs were relevant, now we need to figure out what the single “X” means.


James Ackerly Price had one child, Reginald who was stillborn.