Keeping Time in Neithernor


Being separate from our world, I wonder how time is kept in Neithernor. I’d imagine different days of the week (maybe 6 instead of 7 named after the guilds, or 7 after the royal houses). That got me thinking about months or even holidays/celebrations! How is time kept in Neithernor and what interesting tidbit are behind the names of the days, months and holidays?


I think Gossmere celebrates the coming of Spring, all the new life sprouting up from the frosted Earth.


You would have holidays that celecbrate the founding of each the Guilds and the building of each the Guild Halls


The equinoxes (and perhaps solstices?) seem like an Ebbie sort of thing, presuming they’re a thing in Neithernor. Perhaps a celebration of the Golden Balance on the equinoxes and a ritual of some sort for the solstices to ensure that the balance would return.


I could see the days off the week named after the six elements. Maybe named after the guilds most notable familiars.

The pagan seasons are often referenced by the book and even Sullivan, Samhain, Imbolic, Mabon, etc. I can see those being at least used in the calendars of some Books.


So, since days in Neithernor can be much less time here, does Neithernor have its own solstices amd equinoxes? Y’know, to go with its strangely pointy clouds and different stars?


Ooh sounds like us Thorns need to pull an all nighter on top of the lighthouse to chart things. Lots of things. Man the sky would be such a pain to draw out all scientific like.


The guilds proceed clockwise in the rising/setting of the sun clockwise along the Chronocompass - maybe the days of the week follow the same progression?

Weatherwatch - Light - Dawn
Gossmere - Aether - Morning
Flinterforge - Ore - Afternoon
Ebenguard - Tides - Dusk
Thornmouth - Thought - Evening
Balimora - Wild - Night