Is Fletcher Dawson a 250 year old woman?!


Okay, probably not. But this is what happens when I’m left to my own devices. I make weird connections. (Exploration is a poor category for this. We need a ‘completely off base tinfoil hat theory’ category.)

I just discovered Eliza Fletcher, a travel writer and autobiographer from the 1800’s. Fletcher was her married name. Her maiden name was Eliza Dawson.

Interestingly enough you can read part of her autobiography in an 1875 publication called…The Athenaeum. Now there’s a familiar name as well.


Ooooo a new rabbit hole to dive into! Well done Robert!


Wow. Nicely caught @Robert!


Break out your tinfoil crowns lady’s and gents!


Okay so after read through everything, I think you might have finally unmasked the elusive Fletcher Dawson!!


Wikipedia page is from 2010. Timelines sort of match up. I think you’ve done it!


By the way has anyone else noticed the profile pic on the article?


Which? It isn’t popping up for me…


svg this is the aforementioned photo. You could say this is only the tip of the iceberg. HAHAH… yea, not funny.


It belongs to Nicholas Moreau although it’s most likely nothing


Information that stood out to me:

“Fletcher’s Autobiography, of which a few copies had been printed for private circulation, 8vo, Carlisle, 1874, was published at Edinburgh the following year under the editorship of her surviving child, the widow of Sir John Richardson, the Arctic explorer.”
“Mrs. Fletcher died at Edinburgh on 5 February 1858”
“‘Four volumes of the “Spectator” constituted the whole school library.’”
“Miss Dawson had a profound admiration for the poet William Mason”

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so much tinfoil…


so maybe the arctic explorer thing DOES fit in. In that case, who the heck is nicholas moreau?


A descendant of Sir John Richardson?


Sir John Richardson was a Scottish naval surgeon, naturalist and arctic explorer. Wikipedia
Died: 5 June 1865, Grasmere

Grasmere… Hmmm that sounds a lot like Gossmere!


You’ve earned this one.

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